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The day that we were to got to Black roses home was here. I dreaded the last bell of school so that we would have to go there but nothing goes according to plan as time seems to have just sped up and the bell rang.

"So shall we get going?"

I wanted to say no that I had to do something but it was like Kira and Hotoru read my mind as they both grabbed onto one of my arms and dragged me to the boys who were waiting for us by the entrance.

"Yeah but I am going with Sakaru!" Kira said as she dragged me to my bike.

I was silent on the way to their house with Kira holding me around my waist. As we arrived I stopped and just stared at the mansion. Before she got off Kira held me in silent reassurance and Hotoru came as well which made me smile at their worry for me.

With a deep breath we followed them into the mansion and was led to what looked to be a library with books lining the shelves from top to the bottom and couches placed around a small coffee table. There was a window that took up one whole wall and the entire place was in different shades of brown that gave you a warm feel and just welcomed you.

"Let's get started!" Kira said as she jumped on one of the single seaters and pulled me with her so that she could mess with my hair as I sat on the floor in front of her. They all took seats and it didn't slip my notice that Neji went to sit next to Hotoru on the love seat.

As time went by and we progressed with our work I almost forgot who else lives with them as the front door was banged open and yells were heard coming towards us as I tensed.

Kira must have noticed as she grabbed my hand and gave it a brief squeeze before letting go.

The door to the library was thrown open and a boy with slicked back silver hair was standing there. His pink eyes looked at each one of us pausing longer on Hotoru and how close Neji sat next to her before turning to look over his shoulder.

"They are in fucking here with fucking girls can you believe it?" he said as he called over his shoulder.

I watched as Hotoru gave him a look of distaste and had to hide a smile after all she hates it when people swear unnecessarily.

"Shut up you sound like Naruto, yeah!" a blonde said as he walked in pushing the guy with the silver hair out the doorway.

"Shut up you fucking he-she!" the silver haired guy shouted as he stood up straight towering over the blond.

"Break it up you two," a guy with orange hair and piercings covering his face walked in right as they were about to fight.

"Nii-san," Sasuke greeted as a boy with long black hair tied in a low ponytail walked in. He just nodded to show he heard his brother not saying a word.

"Did you say that they have girls over?" a guy with long spiky black hair and red eyes came through the door after Sasuke's brother.

"Yeah just fucking look for yourself!" the silver haired guy shouted.

"Stop doing that..." Hotoru said softly as she had her head bowed.

"Fucking stop doing what, bitch?" he said as he looked confused at Hotoru. I nearly tore him a new one when he called her a bitch but Kira kept me firmly in place with her hand on my shoulder but I could tell that she barely stopped herself from harming him.

"Stop swearing!" She shouted as she looked up at him with a glare.

"Wow she's scary..."  The blond boy said as he looked at her glare.

"And who are you to fucking stop me?" The pink eyed boy challenged her.

"Swear at her again and I will not be held responsible for harming you..." I finally spoke up which made everyone look at me in surprise as if they forgot that I was there.

"And what you going to do if he continues to swear at her?" the red eyed boy looked on in interest as a 'small puny boy' like me would challenge someone like the silver haired boy.

"There will be no fighting in here!" The orange haired boy spoke up.

"Its not like he could beat Sakaru anyways," Kira spoke up as I smirked at her and Hotoru smiled at us.

"What a drag... what do you want?" Shikamaru asked as he lifted his head off the table to look at the new group.

"Oh where are my manners?! You don't even know our names! And we don't know yours!" The red eyed boy suddenly exclaimed.

"Actually we know who you are you just don't know us," Hotoru said as she looked at him.

"So you guys are fans?" Sasuke's brother finally spoke up as he looked at us with a guarded expression probably from his fangirls.

"No we just like a few of your songs," I smirked at their expressions as their faces fell from my comment.

"Wait I know you guys, yeah!" the blonde suddenly exclaimed in realisation as he looked at Kira and Hotoru.

"And how do you know them?" the orange haired guy asked looking at the blonde in confusion.

"They were the ones in the front during our concert a few weeks ago!" He shouted while pointing at Kira and Hotoru.

"But there was fucking three of  them! There are only two you dumbshit!" the guy with the silver hair shouted at the blonde.

"I know that Hidan, yeah! But I am sure its them, un! Right Madara?" the blonde said turning to look at the boy with the red eyes.

"Now that you mention it they do look like the three girls that sat in the front but we only have two of the girls and one boy who we have never met..." Madara said while looking at us.

"That is because they are the two girls who was sitting in front and the other... we have no information on the other girl," Neji spoke up next to Hotoru.

"So what is your names?" Itachi spoke up after been silent and observing us.

"Their names are Kira and Hotoru! Believe it!" Naruto shouted.

"And who is the boy?" The orange haired guy spoke up his name was Pein I think.

"That is Sakaru," Sasuke and Gaara spoke at the same time and glared at each other.

"Thank you for introducing us as we could not do it ourselves," Kira spoke sarcastically as she rolled her eyes at them. They all blushed in embarrassment as they realised that Itachi asked us and they answered.

"Deidara!" Pein called out and the blonde looked at him.

"Yes?" Deidara answered.

"Where is your partner?" Pein asked only now noticing that they only had 5 members there.

"He said that he was coming later, yeah," He replied to Pein.

" Where is your bathroom?" Kira asked as she pulled me with her.

"Down the hall to your left and continue going straight past the entrance to the first door to your right," Kiba explained. I almost forgot that he was here he was silent for so long.

Kira dragged me to the bathroom only to make me wait outside the door.

As I stood there wondering why I was brought with in the first place the door opposite me banged open and the last person I expected to see came out.

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