Sneak peek at the second book

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I couldn't feel anything but comfort. I had none of my senses yet I didn't panic. My mind replayed what I remembered last. The crash... lights flashing... a voice telling me to hold on... then the darkness.

I don't know how long I was there in that darkness, it could have been weeks or months and I wouldn't have known. It was some time later that I started hearing voices, just soft mutterings that I couldn't distinguish. Gradually it became clearer when that soft voice suddenly turned into screaming.

I felt a sucking sensation pulling at my head, the pain got so bad I actually would have screamed if I was able to. The only thing I could do was endure the pain as I listened to the woman screaming.

When I felt no more pain and could no longer hear the screams I tried opening my eyes. I succeeded but I closed them immediately as the light assulted them. I felt something hit me as I opened my eyes to see a giant standing over me looking at me with confusion. I belatedly realised that I was reborn and this 'giant' was a doctor.

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