A night at the Akatsuki mansion

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Right after I knocked the door was thrown open and there stood Sasori in all his bored glory.

He just looked at me then looked outside and moved aside so I could enter the warm house. Finally! I was so glad that I remembered putting on a black hoodie before I left so that my wrappings would not be visible threw my white shirt.

"So can we get started? Where is Deidara?" I asked as I noticed how quite the house was. Now that I think about it Black rose hasn't been in school for like a week now... maybe a show or something?

" We wait for Deidara he went to fetch something by the studio that he left there." He spoke without looking at me probably remembering when I commented on the song I heard him sing last week. It was a good song... very sad.

"Hey is Itachi home?" I need to talk to him... well not really he has been avoiding me since he found out my gender...

"Hey Sasori have you seen my black shirt anywhere? Deidara asked for i-" Itachi stopped mid sentence when he saw me in the hall. He was drying his hair with a towel and I could see the water running down his neck past his pectorals and down his abs. He just wore a black baggy skinny jeans with black nikes. I nearly had a nosebleed when I saw him but I turned and looked away but not before I saw Itachi's ears turn pink.

"No Deidara went to fetch it from the studio. He should be back soon. The brat knows not to keep me waiting..." Sasori muttered the last part but I still heard it. He never changed...

"Itachi I need to talk to you..." he just nodded and motioned for me to follow him as he went up to his room. Sasori watched us go up the stairs until we were out of sight.

Once we got to his room he looked for a T-shirt that he could wear while blushing as I sat on his bed. I have no idea why he blushed or why in the heck I did when I saw him without a shirt... its not the first time I have seen a guy shirtless.

After he found something to wear he came and sat next to me. We didn't speak for a few minutes and we never looked at each other. I started to play with the hem of my hoodie that was still damp from when I was outside.

"How did you get that bruise on your face?" I jumped at the sound of his voice and I turned to see him staring at the wall opposite him.

"A girl asked me out today and I turned her down... her brother wasn't very happy so he found me on my way to class and cornered me by the lockers..." I looked over at him when I felt the bed shake slightly and saw him trying to keep his laughter in. That is so... weird... but his laugh was cute it made him look even hotter than what he looked like when he smiled. I blushed at that thought when have I ever thought a guy was hot?

Itachi PoV.

Ever since I discovered Sakaru was a girl I stayed as far from her as I could but there was just something about her that drew me to her. The air of mystery that surrounds her makes me want to know more about her. I could still feel her lips on my cheek from when she kissed it and when I went to sleep that night her scent was still on my covers and I couldn't help but inhale her scent. It was intoxicating. The smell of raspberries and mint.

Now a week later here she is in front of me. We sat in my room as I tried to think of something to say to her. I was angry when I saw the bruise on her face and how she winced when Deidara touched it.

" How did you get that bruise on your face?" I saw her jump at the sound of my voice and I smiled slightly. I saw her thinking it through before opening her mouth but then closing it again.

"A girl asked me out today and I turned her down... her brother wasn't very happy so he found me on my way to class and cornered me by the lockers..." I started to laugh. My body was shaking so much as I tried to surpress it. I mean come on... a girl asked her out and she couldn't tell her why she said no!

I couldn't keep it in as I laughed so much tears were forming in my eyes. I felt her stare on me and I looked to see her with a puzzled look on her face and I just laughed harder.

When I eventually calmed down she leaned towards me. I thought she was going to kiss me and I blushed but she put her head against my forehead to feel my temperature. I could feel her breath on my lips and my heart beat faster but too soon she pulled away from me and I missed having her touch me. She stood up and I got up with her but when she went to take a step forward she stubbled and was going to fall but out of reflex I caught her but she ended up on the bed with me over her. But just then the door opened and Sasori looked in. I felt my face heat up but I tried to push it back as I faced him.

Sasori POV

I had just received a message from Deidara saying that he can't leave the studio as it is like a monsoon outside. I decided to tell Sakaru that he must stay here when I opened the door to Itachi's room I found him laying over Sakaru. Different emotions were going on but I could feel one that stood out... anger. How could he?

I wasn't even sure why I was angry but I just felt rage inside of me when I saw Itachi over Sakaru like that. I stormed into the room and threw Itachi off of Sakaru.

"What the fuck man?! I didn't know you swing that way! But regardless of that what the fuck is wrong with you?! What were you doing?!" I shouted at Itachi as he stood up with a blank expression on his face.

"I don't swing that way. He fell and we both fell onto the bed that is when you walked in." It was a reasonable explanation but I don't believe that first part. I have seen the way he looked at Sakaru when he thought no one was watching.

But I let it go. I still had a message to give.

"Sakaru needs to stay here tonight the storm is just getting worse and he came on a motorbike. Tell him when he wakes up." And then I walked out.

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