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Hanagakure || Naruto by JoelleAu
Hanagakure || Narutoby ❀JO ❀
[Highest Rank: 1st in SasoSaku|ItaHina|DeiIno|HidanTen 2nd Book: Hanagakure: Revenge After the Fourth Shinobi War, Sasuke and his team returned to Konoha. His teammate K...
Bonded Together [ON HOLD] (Naruino) by Xiariadragneel
Bonded Together [ON HOLD] (Naruino)by Xia
Due to a mysterious murdered of a baby's mother Naruto and Ino take on the role of mother and father. How would this determine and affect their further.
The Wood Fox by ARIterWhitheDreams
The Wood Foxby ARIterWhitheDreams
A Naruto fanfic. Hope you guys enjoy. I don't own any characters. There is going to be Sasuke and Sakura bashing from time to time. Please enjoy!
Reborn As A Hyuga by yandereluver849
Reborn As A Hyugaby Yandereluver
What happens when a physcopath is reborn in Naruto as a Hyuga and as Hinata's twin no less but it turns out in this physcopath is also a Huge Naruto fan and becomes a Hy...
Naruto Senju : Konoha's Ice Dragon by armantor410
Naruto Senju : Konoha's Ice Dragonby The JOE-KING
It is known that Tobirama Senju was KIA during the First Great Shinobi World War. But what happens, when a year before his untimely demise, Tobirama was found and nurse...
Reincarnated In Naruto by GarrixAlastor
Reincarnated In Narutoby Garrix Alastor
Two best friends were caught up in an accident and were transported to the world of Naruto. Both were born on the same timeline and the same place, but with different fa...
How to be a Heartbreaker ✔ by -AnimeLover67-
How to be a Heartbreaker ✔by TeaJamsCookies
MultiShip: NaruHina | SasuSaku | NejiTen | SaiIno| ShikaTema || Hinata Hyūga was dumped by her boyfriend and her heart was broken. She changed cities in hopes of moving...
Naruto The Last Namikaze by BigJudgeFudge
Naruto The Last Namikazeby Robert Janairo
On the night Naruto was born, The Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked Konohagakure No Sato during the attack his mother, Uzumaki Kushina and his father, Namikaze Minato defended...
Naruto Mother Scenarios  by KivikKai
Naruto Mother Scenarios by KivikKai
Scenarios between you and your mother in Naruto! Tsunade Senju Mito Uzumaki Kushina Uzumaki Hinata Hyuuga Hanabi Hyuuga Sakura Haruno TenTen Ino Yamanaka Rin Nohara...
||Falling for you|| by Neonlibs1116
||Falling for you||by Lib💕
||"I bet I can make you fall for me, Neji." "Don't be ridiculous, Y/N."|| A story about how Y/N makes it her mission to make the cold Neji Hyuga fall...
Naruto/Boruto child reader scenarios by animefreekalert
Naruto/Boruto child reader animefreekalert
just some scenarios with your fav ninjas This is both daughter and son scenarios. Some people in this book have a son while the others have a daughter. Forgot M/n= male...
Dreams come true!! ( Various Naruto x Reader ) DISCONTINUED by BitterSweet1010
Dreams come true!! ( Various bruh
You were from the real world, when you enter the Naruto world, but at a younger age. You meet Naruto and his friends, and became really close to them. Turns out that the...
Inheritance, Book One by CathalAshenhand
Inheritance, Book Oneby Cathal Ashenhand
Iruka takes Mizuki's shuriken to the back in place of Naruto. Thinking Iruka to be dead, Naruto loses control and prepares to unleash the Kyuubi, however before he can t...
A Second Chance by kakashisASS
A Second Chanceby kakashisASS
It was quick. Sakura met her death before the real fight had even started, Kaguya had tore through her chest before anyone could act, before she could act. Naruto held...
A Totally OP Gay in the Naruto World! by AkwardLizardDance
A Totally OP Gay in the Naruto AwkwardLizardDance
Hideki, 5'6, a very feminine male, Taurus, and a reincarnated individual. Now in the Narutoverse in Kakashi's timeline and, unfortunately, after Rin and Obito's death a...
Naruto Parent-Daughter Scenarios  by https_baku
Naruto Parent-Daughter Scenarios by 𝗛𝘂𝗵?
You're the daughter of your favorite Naruto Characters 😊
Sleeping with the Ex (SasuNaru) by RoseriaValeria
Sleeping with the Ex (SasuNaru)by Valeria Roseria
While trying to get over his recent break up, Naruto decided to drown his sorrows at a bar. The next morning, he is greeted by a bedroom setting that isn't his.. But som...
Why me? (Sasuke Love Story) by animelover123
Why me? (Sasuke Love Story)by Jackie
Mariah Kira, she's known nothing but pain, loneliness, and betrayal her whole life. All of this has lead her to a path of isolation not letting anyone get near her again...
Arron and Trexx by strawhat_pirate
Arron and Trexxby Straw
Barely escaping alive from a human trafficking ring, Arron finds herself running for her life as her captors seek to hunt her down, either to end her life or to torture...