Sasori- the past

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Sasori POV


I couldn't take it anymore. Watching her been comforted by somebody else made my chest tighten. Why couldn't she come to me? Was I not worthy enough? Were they more important than me? What makes them different?

I noticed the change in my feelings after just a year. It started out small like I didn't want her to be friends with other guys. At first I passed it off as a brother complex but then it got worse. After a while I realized what it was. I was in love with my sister.

I denied it. It just couldn't happen but it got harder each day until I just left. I left her alone so I could disband my feelings.I heard no news from her for a year then I got a phone call from the hospital. She was hurt and I wasn't there to protect her.

I went to the hospital but I didn't have the guts to show my face to her. So I just stood outside her hospital room too scared to go inside. I left again but I started having second thoughts about it.

I approached a dealer to get something to clear my head but I got caught up in a lot of shit and I ended up leaving them. Not long after I got word that they beat up a girl no younger than 11 and left her to die. At first I didn't care until I went to check on Yuki. The home had been sold and the people that would talk said that the girl that had lived there was murdered on the street on fifth avenue... the same place where the killing was.

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