Friends what would I do without them?

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My heart started to race as he looked at me. His red hair and his lazy chocolate brown eyes looked just like it did when I last saw him.

He just gave me a look before walking away as I just stood there looking the way that he went.

I felt someone grab my shoulder and I turned around to see Kira with a worried look on her face. I just gave her a look which she seemed to understand as she grabbed my hand and led us back to the boys who were still in the room.

"We're leaving," after I spoke those words Hotoru immediately stood up and went to my side as I gave a nod to the rest of the people in the room before walking out with Kira and Hotoru following me.

"Wait!" we turned around to to see all the guys running threw the door after us.

"What is it?" Hotoru asked as we stopped to look at them.

"Why are you leaving so soon?" Kiba asked us.

"We have things to do and people to see so goodbye and see you at school," Kira said as we disappeared outside to Hotoru's car and my bike.

I sighed as we arrived at my house and we went to the basement where all my games and movies were. We each sat down on one of the couches in the room as I looked around the room trying to avoid looking at Hotoru and Kira as I felt their stare on my head.

"What happened?" Hotoru asked after we sat in silence for a few minutes.

I took a deep breath before turning to look at them next to me. Hotoru and Kira had a concerned look on there faces while I kept my face as blank as I could.

" I saw him..." I trailed off as I looked to the front again as I hear them gasp.

"Gasp!" Kira said as I cracked a smile at her. My friends are my world and I wouldn't let anything happen to them as they were there when I needed it and I will be sure to be there for them in return.

"Who is up for a game of need for speed?!" Hotoru jumped to my games as Kira went to grab the other remote as they raced each other. I can't believe I have them as friends as they always know how to cheer me up as I watched them argue and shout when they did something wrong and as Kira jumped up in victory for beating Hotoru I knew I shouldn't dwell on the past so I let go and relaxed.

" Let me show you how to race with a pro!" I said as I snatched the remote control out of their hands as I selected a harder challenge to play.

"No fair you always beat us!" Kira said as I won them again making our scores Kira-3, Hotoru-5 and me-26.

I just stuck out my tongue at them as they laughed. I got up to go and get snacks and when I came back I heard them talking.

" I am going to kick his ass if I see him go anywhere near her!" Kira said and I could just picture how she looked standing up with her fist in front of her face with a determined look in her eyes.

"Keep quite! I don't like him for what he did either in fact I hate him but we mustn't bring him up around Saki-chan! You know how she feels about him!" Hotoru shushed Kira and I could almost see her looking around to see if I was there yet.

I smiled to myself as I walked out in front of them. "So what were you talking about?" I asked already knowing that they won't tell me.

" Oh we were just wondering when our next show was?" Hotoru quickly said but it sounded more like a question.

"Oh really... if that is the case then we are not having a show." I answered while putting the snacks on the table.

"Wait you said 'we' are not doing a show." Kira said as she looked at me with a 'don't-hide-anything-from-us' look.

"Yes, you, meaning Hotoru as well, are not going to be in this music video this time." I said as I placed a new game in the player. 'Final Fantasy' was always a favorite among us.

"What song is it?" Kira said while picking up the controller.

"Bet on it by Zac Effron. Its in High School Musical 2." I said with boredom as the game started to load and a picture of Cloud Strife came on making Kira squeal like a piglet.

"That's fine I never liked that song anyway. Kira he is gone please stop my ears are sore." Hotoru said while holding her ears dropping the controller in the process.

"I'm so sorry!" Kira said while hugging Hotoru.

"Let go me you baka!" Hotoru said while trying to get out of Kira's tight hold.

I just sat back and laughed at them as they started to wrestle with Hotoru hitting Kira repeatedly. I love my friends as they make me feel grounded and forget about my troubles I don't know what I would do with out them...

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