New students

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  • Dedicated to Zoe

It was about two weeks after the concert and we got into a set routine. In the morning I will run from fangirls while Kira and Hotoru laugh at me, the same thing during break while during classes I sleep and receive love letters and chocolate. After school I quickly get on my bike after been chased for an hour and drive home.

But today that routine was broken by our teacher announcing the arrival of new students immediately there was talk about who it could be but it immediately died down when the door opened.

As the students walked in I looked out the window only to look to the front when I heard Hotoru muttering about stupid stalkers and why must they come here. The students were none other than Black Rose.

They looked around the class only to spot Kira and Hotoru sitting next to me as they waved. We all just sighed as they came to sit by us after introductions.

Naruto looked around the class as if trying to find something or someone before turning back to us. "Hey where's that other girl that was with you? Oh! Hi! I'm Naruto! Believe it!" Naruto said before holding his hand out to me.


"Hey Teme! He sounds just like you!" Naruto said to Sasuke who came to sit next to me.

"Hn," Sasuke also grunted.

Well this was an interesting development. They think that I am a new person. A guy at that.

"Hey where is that cute girl that was with you guys at the concert?" Kiba said as he looked at the rest of the class trying to spot me among them.

I just started laughing softly while shaking my head. Kira was laughing with me as Hotoru had a smile on her face which confused the boys but at the moment we didn't care.

After I calmed down I wrapped my arm around Kira as she leaned into me.

"This is Sakaru my boyfriend" Kira said while placing a kiss on my cheek.

"What?!" Naruto yelled only to settle down when the teacher gave him a sharp look.

"Yeah they were best friends until Kira admitted that she liked him" Hotoru said going along with us.

"So what's your name?" Neji asked. They all turned to look at me.

I smirked at them before shaking my head and laughing softly. "Didn't Hotoru just say it? Anyway I'm Sakaru Kira's boyfriend."

I offered my hand to Sasuke and he took my hand before shaking it once and letting go.

"So where is that other girl that was with you guys before?" Naruto asked Kira and Hotoru.

"Oh she doesn't go to this school," Hotoru said while giving me a sidelong glance.

"Oh? I was hoping to see her", Kiba said as he had a perverted look on his face.

The bell rang soon after and we all got up to go to English which was on the other side of the school. As we were walking fan girls surrounded both myself and Black rose. I was happy to see that I had more fan girls than them and I think that Black rose noticed it to as some glared at me.

When we got to English our teacher give us an assignment to do that has to be done in groups of 9 so what do you know we were paired with the Black rose... Great. You hear the sarcasm in there?

"So we need to each create a short story that must be acted out for half our marks?" Hotoru asked after reading over the instructions on the paper.

"Yeah seems like it so when and where do you want to do this?" I asked already bored with the given task.

"Since we live together why don't you come to our place?" Kiba said while gesturing to Black rose.

"Yeah! That's a great idea! Believe it!" Naruto shouted out while nodding his head frantically up and down.

"When and what time?" I sure hoped they did not say this Saturday.

"How about tomorrow after school we head straight there?" Neji said before getting up as the bell for the end of the day rung. Wow time sure fly's when you are try to make arranges to complete a task given to you.

As I left the school I saw my loyal followers waiting for me so I quickly made a run for it before they noticed me.

Well this is a wonderful development...

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