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On my doorstep was Kira and Hotoru... well they look angry.

" What the fuck was that announcement about?!" Kira will never learn... never swear in front of Hotoru. *smack* And Kira has another bump on her head courtesy of Hotoru.

" Language!" You go girl!

"Okay come in before you kill each other..." After we settled down in my lounge the questions started.

"So what was that announcement about?" Hotoru ever the polite one.

" Well we all remember lunch right?" Might as well start at the beginning.

" You mean that girl you turned down (for what)?" Hotoru just stared at Kira. "What?"

"Never mind... but yes that girl... that I turned down... Kira if you quote from that song again I will throw you out the window," I say as I see Kira opening her mouth to speak and shutting it again with a defeated look.

"Anyway she had a brother who she went and cried to about been rejected. He caught me in the hall when I went to art and was going to beat me up when his friend said and I quote 'why don't you challenge him?' And that was why that announcement was made. About the competition." Please don't ask if I am skipping something.

" Wait if it is a competition then what is the prize?" Hotoru asked with a knowing look. Why must you always know if I keep things from you?

" Um... I must kinda date his sister and... um... well..." How in the seven seas am I going to tell them?

"What else does he want?!" Kira is scary when mad...

"Um... hekindawantstodatebothofyouatthesametime!" Please don't make me repeat that...

"What? Say it again... but slower," Kira can really scare someone with her mood swings.

"Um.. He kinda wants to date... both of you... at the same time?" Oh shit I am so dead!

A few minutes had gone by in silence like the calm before the storm...

"What the hell! Both of us?! At the same time?! What is he fucking nuts?! We would never allow him to fucking come near us! We don't even know who the fuck he is! Or how he looks!" Kira shouted outraged at the things this guy wanted from us. And you know that if Hotoru doesn't speak about the fact that you are swearing says just how much she is pissed.

"Okay so what style do you want to do?" Might as well get this over with.

"Futuristic!" Both of them yelled at the same time. Complete change in attitude.

"So what like a robot dance? Something like that?" I have a dance in mind.

" Yeah and a song with no words! And we can take turns in the middle!" Kira sure is excited about this.

"This would be a good opportunity to reveal who we are. And by the way Sasori told me to tell you to come at 5 to finish a project or something..." Hotoru said while looking at the clock that was hanging behind me on the wall.

Oh shit! It was already ten past! I quickly change back into my uniform and get my backpack from my room after looking at the time.

I quickly get my bike from outside and speed to the mansion where they lived noticing the black clouds hanging over my head... wow that was an unintentional pun on my mood and the weather.

Just as I pulled up it started to pour as the heavens opened up and let down buckets upon buckets of rain water and in just 5 seconds I was soaked. Thank God I remembered to put on a black hoodie over my uniform so my bindings will not be seen.

As I knocked on the door a clap of thunder sounded above me making my jump right as the door is opened.

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