My day as a 'girl' part 2

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After that confrontation with Sakura I just walked around the school until break came by.

I sighed as another boy tried to ask me out. I didn't feel comfortable with these situations but I could flirt with girls when I was pretending to be a boy something which Kira and Hotoru found highly amusing.

I watched as this girl stormed into the cafeteria. Her eyes scanning the crowd as if looking for someone before she spotted me. She stormed her way over to me the people parting like the Red Sea before her.

When she came to a stop in front of me I could see that her body was shaking with barely concealed rage. I raised my eyebrow at her silently asking her what her issue was as she fumed in front of me.

"You!" She shouted causing people to look at us.

"Me?" I asked just to piss her off more, an innocent look on my face while pointing to myself.

"How could you?!" She raged as the whole place fell silent as they watched the girl in front of me.

"How could I?" I asked back causing a few boys to snicker.

"You come in here acting all high and mighty just because boys notice you! Just who do you think you are?!" She shouted in my face making spit land on my face.

"First of all say it, don't spray it." I say while wiping my face of her spit. "Second I don't act 'high and mighty' its called not giving a damn. And thirdly I don't think I know who I am I know I do."

My comment just pissed her off further as her face turned red. She tried punching me but I just caught her fist in my left hand while I was eating sushi with my right. She tried hitting me with her other hand but I swiped my leg under hers making her fall backwards causing someone's soup to go flying up in the air. We watched almost in slow motion as it landed on her, ruining her clothes. She screamed in rage as she stood up again trying to punch me but I just leaned slightly forward causing her to miss and hit someone else instead.

Her cry of shock was heard loud and clear as everyone stared at who she hit. Sasuke Uchiha stood there impassively. He just looked at the girl who threw a fit then his gazed landed on me. His eyes widened as he recognised me. I smirked in return.

The girl was momentarily forgotten by Sasuke but I leaned backwards as she threw another punch missing again.

"I didn't forget about you." I say as she tried sneaking behind me with someone's spaghetti held above her head. She tipped the bowl but I had already moved out of my seat.

She looked around confused as to where I was so I tapped her shoulder and she spun around so fast I think she had whiplash. I just smirked at her as she looked from me to my now spaghetti drenched seat. Her mouth was open from shock at how fast I moved. What can I say? Dancing helps with reflexes to not sustain injury.

"Please close your mouth we don't want flies in there now do we?" Immediately she shut her mouth as she glared at me.

"I want to challenge you to a dance off!" What is it with these people and dancing?

"Oh and just to warn you... I was trained by Prince from Datenshi! So watch your back!" Good God! I have another student? Since when?

"Okay... sure... fine..." I say walking off to the hall. Students following me out even some teachers came to watch.

I walked straight to the sound room and plugged in my phone looking for a song. After finding a suitable song Church played through the speakers in the hall.

The girl slipped on a shorts under her skirt and then pulled her skirt off. She started dancing in broken hip pop moves as I walked around her, observing her form and moves but I quickly became bored seeing the same moves repeated in a different routine.


I followed the crowd as they entered the hall where there were two people on the stage. The one girl was dancing as if she didn't know what she was doing while the other just observed her. I couldn't see her face but she turned away from the girl bored. At that moment it was if I was seeing a ghost.

There on the stage was my sister... my dead sister.

I watched as she started dancing, her moves flowing from one to another. Everything in perfect harmony. I couldn't look away as I was transfixed by her, captured by her spell just like so many years ago.

All to soon the dance ended and the students went wild. She bowed to the students and as she looked up her eyes locked with mine. Fear, anger and hurt flashed through her eyes before she looked away. I started advancing towards her but as soon as she saw me coming to her she turned and fled. Running past all the students who tried to stop her, I ran after her. I won't let this chance go to waste.

Just as I exited the hall and ran to the parking lot, a black Lamborghini was just leaving the grounds. I screamed in frustration and kicked the closest thing to me. I lost her... again.

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