The music video

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It was Friday again and school was just going on like normal. I was been chased by fangirls... Kira and Hotoru were watching... Black rose was laughing at me until the girls chased them also... Yeah it was a good day until I heard the announcement...

"Can all students please come to the hall... I repeat... all students please come to the hall urgently..."

That was totally unexpected... and weird...

As all the students came into this massive empty space with a stage in the front that they call a hall we all waited to hear what was going on. Whispers started to spread about why we were here which I didn't bother to listen to as it was probably false anyway but one thing I did hear just made my blood boil...

"Hey did you hear the Akatsuki is performing for us... yeah they are transferring here isn't that cool...?!"

And what to you know that kid was right... they performed... whoop-dee-do!

As they danced on stage and the students cheered them on I looked for a scissors to kill myself. When the attempt was unsuccessful I took out my phone and started to listen to music with my headphones on just like at their last concert. I was nodding my head to the beat of fired up from the game Need for speed when Kira elbowed me in my ribs... hard.

"Ow...! What in God's name made you do that?!" I shouted out while holding my ribs that were sore.

She just pointed to the front where Akatsuki was staring at me... can someone please say creepy?

"What?" I asked boredly as I took off my headphones and placed them neatly in my bag before turning to give them a blank stare.

"Are we boring to you?!" Deidara shouted as his face turned red in anger as I just looked at him blankly.

"Yeah..." I answered not sure if it was a rhetorical question or not.

"Why the fuck?!" Hidan shouted furious that someone would not watch them perform.

"'Cause I've seen better?" I asked instead of answering.

"Who is better than us?" Pein asked calmly but I could see minor signs which give away his anger like that vein at the top of his temple that was throbbing and his clenched jaw.

 "Datenshi..." I said. Everyone just stopped what they were doing as everyone froze while looking at me.

"Y-y-you've seen them?! How the hell did you do that?! No one even knows who they are how could you have seen them perform?!" Madara shouted as he pulled on his hair nearly ripping it out.

"Who do you think video tapes them? They can't do it themselves so they get people to record for them. I would have thought that to be obvious... guess not..." I said as I played with my phone. Did you know minion run was hard? Damn! I keep dying before the end.

"So you know who they are? You've seen them?" Kiba questioned me as he gripped my shoulders and started to shake me.

"Dude lay off! You are killing me!" I shouted as I got out of his hold and dusted myself off.

"So have you really met them? Did you see how they looked without their masks on?" Kiba asked sort of calmly.

"Let me see... Yes... yes... Yes... and no" I answered in the order that he asked the questions.

"Really? Yeah? That is awesome, un!" Deidara said as I just nodded looking around at the empty hall. When did they all leave?

 Almost as if they read my mind Kira and Hotoru both answered my unspoken question at the same time with the same words. "After the performance... You really need to pay more attention to your surroundings if you are going to listen to music like that... remember don't drop your guard you remember what happened last time don't you?" That is weird... and creepy... and scary... and abnormal... and insainly awesome!

"What happened last time he dropped his guard?" Itachi asked curious.

"Nothing you need to worry your little head about. What don't give that look I have seen better looking boys than you that is why pretty was not in that equation or should I say sentence which one sounds better? Sakaru what do you think? Should it be equation or a sentence?" I just shook my head friends what would you do without them?

"I'm leaving this weekend to visit others and Misa-chan is coming to live here for the two weeks that I will be gone." I said to Kira and Hotoru simply to get Kira to shut up about the equation/sentence nonsense.

"Oh so can we sleep over by your house when she comes over? Please? Pretty please? With a cherry on top?" Kira begged me. It was just for show anyways as I will not be leaving as it was only a cover story for when I am doing the music video for the first few days before I stay at home for a week so that people don't suspect me.

"Yeah sure whatever" What? I needed the company anyways so why not just let them come over.

"I'm leaving you can come over later after I leave. Not before. I will text you. Got it Kira? Hotoru keep Kira in check while I am gone and don't burn my house down like last time." I say before getting up and walking out the hall and to my bike and driving away.

I just couldn't be there any longer with him there. Memories that I tried to surpress kept resurfacing. I sped up more and more until I was going three times the normal speed limit. Tears ran down my face as I pulled up to my house to see Kira and Hotoru already there.

As soon as they saw me they rushed to my side and tried to comfort me as I broke down crying. I hadn't cried in a long time so I cried longer than what I would have but they held me threw it. Whole weekend we just watched movies and ate junk food as I tried to prepare myself to see him again.

When Monday came we all got ready to go to school but for different reasons. They were going so that they could study while I will be going to perform as they recorded me dancing in the halls of the school while it is in session so that no one will disturb us. I arrived just after the first class would have started so they could set up before I arrived. I wore my mask with the two green swirls one going up the other down as it was my signature mask to wear for performances.

As the music was playing threw the halls students started to look at what was going on. As I danced threw the halls I ended up in the mess hall as the students called it and I started to dance on the tables putting all my feelings in the dance while getting lost in the music. When it ended I was breathing heavily I waited for the music to die before I rose from my crouched position on the table. I was shocked when I heard applause so I looked up to see the entire student body crowed by the entrances.

They cheered and shouted for me some even had their phones out and was taking pictures. Security held them back but one person got threw and that person was none other than Naruto.

"Please sign this picture for me! I am your biggest fan! Believe it!" He shouted while holding up a picture of me in a dance position. I just sighed as I pulled out a pen and held my hand out for the picture. He placed it in my hand as I took the cap off the pen and hovered it above the page waiting for him to say what he wanted me to write on the page for him.

"Write 'To my Biggest fan Naruto Namazaki from the group called Black Rose. Love Prince of the fallen angels (Datenshi).' And put a smiley face at the end." Naruto said as I wrote what he wanted then gave the page back to him with a nod of my head while he jumped for joy.

I quickly motioned for my guards to come to lead me out as other people started to break through the guards at the doors. I quickly left and as I was driving away I looked in the rear view mirror to see the students running after my black Porsche. That was a close one...

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