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Okay thank you to those that have been voting and commenting on my story. I love it when people tell me what they think of my story and that they are eager for the next chapter.

I don't mind it when you say that you don't like something I had written but if you have a problem about the way I write and how I update then you can just leave. No one made you read this story and if you are not happy with how irregular I update and the length of my chapters then screw you! Nobody made you stay! So can this person stop PMing me about all they hate about this story and how I don't update like everyone else well NEWSFLASH! I have a life outside of the internet! I have friends and family that I talk to and have fun. I am also a high school student and is now a junior or in grade/year 11. So back the fuck off!

I don't need you telling me all you hate about my story for every chapter I post! If you hate it that much leave! Or jump off a building! Either one will do perfectly fine!

I am sorry to those that must read this and haven't pissed me off but I need so way for this person to back off. Sorry if I had caused offence to any of those that do enjoy reading this story. Gomen! *bows at the waist*

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