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The week was really uneventful as it was just the normal routine. I am hoping that today will not be that much different from the rest of the week after all it is Friday and this is by far my favourite day of the week.

After the discovery of my gender Itachi hardly spoke to me but he did become protective of me like when Hidan tried to take my lunch he glared at Hidan and commanded him to give it back. Weird but it was a nice gesture.

But being me my wish for it to be a nice simple day never came true as when it was lunch time this girl came and confessed to me in front of the whole school but I wasn't paying attention to her as I was trying to beat my high score on minion run so I just ignored her but then she made a scene in the lunch room by announcing it out loud and standing on the table so everyone can see and hear her confess. So when I finally looked up from my phone I asked her if she needed anything and if she didn't to please leave and get off my table because she was spoiling my appetite with her presence. So now I am in this situation with her brother and his friend holding me against the lockers and keeping me from my art class.

"Hey are you even listening to me?!" The guy tightened his hold on my blazer while getting up in my face.

"Huh? Did you say something?" I ask bored with this already.

"Why you!" He slammed his fist in my face forcing my head to turn to the side.

"Hey wait why don't we settle this another way?" The other guy that was with him said trying to calm down his friend.

"How do we do that?" The boy holding me to the lockers said.

"Battle him in the schools talent show next week." I like how this guy thinks! But they don't know who they will be facing.

"Yeah you're right! I was taught by Prince of Datenshi so he will have no chance of beating me!" I feel sorry for this guy... I have never met him in my life.

"OK fine what are your terms?" Might as well go with it... its not like he knows who I am.

"If I win your friends Kira and Hotoru will become our girlfriends and you will date my sister." He has the guts to ask that of me... well Kira and Hotoru will not be happy.

"And if I win you will have to do whatever I ask of you no matter what I say you do it... got it?" Oh I was going to have fun with this!

"Yeah sure I will do whatever you want if you beat me. Which you won't. But to make certain that everyone will be there it will be announced on the intercom before the end of school." With that he just walked away to the office. He has no idea what he is getting into.

As I walked to class Sasori was the first to notice my wonderfully forming bruise on my jaw. At first he wasn't bothered by it until he saw the entire thing when we were leaving.

"What the hell happened to your face?!" He shouted as I was walking out. Only to be stopped by the intercom.

"All students listen up! This is Daisu Nagit, Your school's council member! As everyone knows next week is our schools talent show where everyone can show there talent to our school as well as neighbouring schools! This year is going to be special! We have a competition between myself and Sakaru Hatake! We will be the last to perform each of us will only have three members in our group and will have a chance to dance only once and you the student body will decide who will win! Good luck to everyone that will participate! We hope to see you there when I kick Sakaru's ass in the challenge! Have a great day!"

Oh yeah I forgot that he was going to announce the challenge... but he won't be the only one...

"Sakaru!" Oh shit Itachi!

"What was that about?!" OK so he didn't see the bruise...

"And what happened to your face?!" ... spoke too soon...

"Its nothing just a disagreement..." I tried sneaking away but I ran into Hidan... literally.

"What the fuck happened to you?" Seriously? Who is next Jesus?

"Sakaru what happened and why do you have a bruise on your face?" Seriously Pein... and why is the entire Akatsuki members here?

"Sasori please let go of me. Itachi it was just a misunderstanding. Hidan stop swearing you know Hotoru hates it. Pein just leave it alone. Deidara please stop poking my bruise it does hurt. Madara staring at someone like that is weird. Now it is Friday and I want to get home so I can pack. See you later!" That was a lot of talking.

Before they could stop me I ran to my bike dodging my fan girls as I went not really in the mood for talking to them.

As soon as I arrived home I changed into shorts and a loose fitting T-shirt. When the bell rang at my door I got a shock at who was standing there...

What in God's name made them come here?

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