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No One Stands Alone by _eternalfics_
No One Stands Aloneby E M
"Just because I have the potential to become great doesn't mean I wish to do so." Haruto Tsukishima is someone both admired and envied, for even though he...
  • jonin
  • kakashi
  • sasuke
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A Child of Many Secrets by strawhat_pirate
A Child of Many Secretsby Straw
They found her in the living room, sitting, waiting. Just a child, one who made an insane claim. Only she had the proof to support it. Join Nahiko Uzumaki, the orphan gi...
  • gaara
  • naruto
  • akatsuki
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Naruto One Shots by SadLittleApricot
Naruto One Shotsby SadLittleApricot
Since I did an Akatsuki One Shots, I decided to do a collection of one shots for the regular Naruto characters as well. This includes: - Naruto - Sasuke - Sakura - Kakas...
  • hinata
  • suigetsu
  • kakashi
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Beating Heart (Neji X Reader) by Queen_Kihara
Beating Heart (Neji X Reader)by Queen_Kihara
Your mother was from the Hyuga clan while your father was a Uchiha. Everyone in your clan (Hyuga Clan) says you get all your looks from your mother, while you have the p...
  • neji
  • battles
  • fanfic
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The Queen Of Cherry Blossoms~ Naruto fanfic (Neji love story) by CookieOtaku101
The Queen Of Cherry Blossoms~ ✨Akane~Matsuri✨
"I am a queen, or somewhat considered one.....that, I do not believe..." Aki Shizuki is a girl born into a non ninja family, but was born with exceptional ninj...
  • hinata
  • tenten
  • choji
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Naruto Daddy Daughter Scenarios by _defender_of_justice
Naruto Daddy Daughter Scenariosby mama mia
Some Naruto characters with daughters? This will be a wild ride...
  • sasukedaughter
  • shikamaru
  • narutodaddyscenarios
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Naruto x Reader Oneshots by jazmynecchi
Naruto x Reader Oneshotsby jazmyne
Hello! I hope you enjoy these little scenarios with the Naruto characters! Requests are open until I say so :) ~jazmynecchi
  • sasuke
  • hatake
  • kakashi
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Beautifully Human (Naruto FanFicton) by kermitsnipple
Beautifully Human (Naruto i hate myself.
Kaori (no clan name) is a girl that no-one really cares about. She's just there, in the back-round never doing anything special, never being noticed. She has her flaws...
  • shikamaru
  • sakura
  • neji
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Naruto One-shots/Love Stories by Shippo
Naruto One-shots/Love Storiesby Shippo
This is a book of 30+ short love stories of OC's and Naruto Characters. The book is completed and there will not be anymore of these until next year when I open up a new...
  • shikamaru
  • neji
  • stalker
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My Friend, Kurama (Naruto Fanfiction) Discontinued by BlueHairedPerson
My Friend, Kurama (Naruto BlueHairedPerson
That terrifying night, With screams, And cries, A mother abandoned her child. A little girl, That wailed in the alley. Then, the reason behind the cries came, And there...
  • guy
  • kiba
  • asuma
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Another jinchuriki?!|Naruto various! X reader| by deste_4real
Another jinchuriki?!|Naruto DesteThatOneWeirdo
A beautiful girl with a great personality, shamed by the whole village. All because she was a Jinchūriki. What happens when she meets Naruto and tries her best to prove...
  • narutoxreader
  • neji
  • sasuke
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The White Flash(under Editing) by Cleoamelia
The White Flash(under Editing)by Autumn
Kakashi Hatake had a daughter! A little version of himself whose only things he has in common with are tardiness and hair color. Lexxi Hatake's attitude is unlike her fa...
  • naruto
  • sakura
  • lee
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Changing The Past  by RockStar78028
Changing The Past by FaniRomo780❤❤
Hi guyes this is my first time writting stories I hop you like it if you do comment and maybe I'll right more stories
  • temari
  • lee
  • sasuke
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Naruto Various x Skilled! Unusual! Reader by MidnightSpear
Naruto Various x Skilled! Ari
(I REPEAT I DO NOT OWN NARUTO!!! MASASHI KISIMOTO DOES!!) (Y/N) has a very dark past..........BUT THINKS NOTHING OF IT!!! (Y/N) is a spunky,lazy,hot-headed,sometimes ar...
  • naruto
  • narutovariousxreader
  • choji
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The Wish of a Wandering Soul by notagoodwriter_14
The Wish of a Wandering Soulby notagoodwriter_14
The Rookie 9, Team Gai, and their respective senseis are going out on a bonding, "get to know each other," vacation trip for the week. Luckily for Naruto, this...
  • rookie9
  • kurama
  • foxhunt
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Control  by To_be_free_
Control by To_be_free_
(YN) Fenikkusu is a small relatively weak girl. Despite her size she makes up for it in speed and sheer will power. This isn't enough for her though. She wants to become...
  • readerxvarious
  • itachi
  • narutouzumaki
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Switched With a Fangirl (Various!Naruto X Reader) by RandytheSuperSalt
Switched With a Fangirl (Various! ᴅɪsᴀsᴛᴇʀ ɢᴀʏ
After your friend introduces you to the anime Naruto, you wake up in Sakura's body. How did this happen and how do you fix it? Is that even possible?
  • various
  • naruto
  • shino
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Naruto, Neglect, and the Prophecy  by kaka-kun
Naruto, Neglect, and the Prophecy by Robin Karumo
After Minato and Kushina have 2 children, one of them is foretold to have a prophecy to save the village by a fortune teller who suddenly appears in their village and di...
  • hokage
  • minato
  • wattys2017
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Naruto [Reader X Various] by Mizuki_Tategami
Naruto [Reader X Various]by Mizuki_Tategami
[Name] is different, well kind of. Her past is unknown and she wishes for nothing more than to be able to control her power and live a happy life. She is scared of harmi...
  • reader
  • shikamaru
  • manga
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gashina +sasusaku by ohseona
gashina +sasusakuby oh seona
Sakura, wanita cerdas berusia 26 tahun yang berprofesi sebagai seorang arkeolog ahli itu ditugaskan ke italia untuk melakukan penelitian oleh sang Professor, disitulah d...
  • neji
  • sasusaku
  • sakura
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