I hate Mondays...

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Well this chapter was not surposed to be released until Thursday but since it is three o clock in the morning and I cant sleep so I decided screw it lets do it! So here is my unplanned chapter...

After my little break it was back to school for me... On a Monday... Which means that it was the start of the week... which means I still have the rest of the week to get through... fuck my life... slowly.

As I walked threw the halls I was still the main topic of gossip. Walking threw the hallways after a famous person was there is not a fun experience even if you are the one they are talking about and no one besides your friends know. Believe me being Prince of dance is troublesome as fans try to find out who I am and I try to keep my identity a secret.

After all I can't be the kid who graduated university at age 12 with two doctorates in science and performing arts and a famous dancer at the same time. I know that it is hard to believe but honestly Kira and Hotoru had the same opportunity to graduate early with me but they wanted a normal high school experience so they didn't skip grades with me. But it got boring  being alone so I joined them and that is why I am back at school... which is still boring.

I waited by my locker for Kira and Hotoru before school started but as I was thinking about the the fun times I had in university someone slammed into the locker where I was just standing a moment ago hard. I looked to see Naruto standing there rubbing his sore head that collided with my locker. I just sighed and waited for what was to come.

"Hey Sakaru! You should have been here Prince from Datenshi was here and he signed a picture for me! It was awesome! Believe it!" Wow he was really crazy about prince wasn't he?

"Really? Well guess I will see him next time," I spoke while taking out my books from the locker.

"But really you should have seen it! He danced right where we are standing!" He continued. Couldn't he take a hint that I just didn't care?

"Oh that's nice... now leave me to wait in peace." After saying that I turned and walked away... with him still following me.

I just walked faster until I rounded a corner... right into him.

"Watch where you are going!" He just walked away after telling me that. Oh hell no!

"I will keep that in mind and you should keep this in mind I don't give a flying fuck! So move out of my way next time dipshit!" I said as I shoved my shoulder into him as hard as I could making him fall over. Good.

"Sasori are you alright, yeah?" Deidara came to help his fallen friend while Sasori just glared at me as I smirked back at him before going to wait outside.

Once I was away from the crowd of kids in the hall I let out the breath I didn't even know I was holding. I went threw the whole day tense not even Kira or Hotoru could cheer me up or get me to relax.

I had a bad feeling that I just couldn't describe that was just not going away. As it came to my last period which was art the feeling still didn't leave in fact it just got stronger.

I sat in the seat at the back next to the window where no one will disturb me while I worked so that I was free to do as I pleased. I gazed out the window to see the freshmen out side for gym and they were running laps around the track. I looked back to the front when the girls saw me looking at them and started to blush and giggle. I just smirked to myself and shook my head when I noticed that the teacher still had not shown up to the class.

Ten minutes later when she finally stubbled threw the door she came right up to my desk. "You are Sakaru Hatake... am I right?" She was new here and that much was obvious from the way she was nervous around the students either that it she had a crush on me.

"Yeah what do you need miss?" I took the polite tone with her and smiled friendly and she smiled back at me and seemed to space out for a while before I coughed slightly into my hand to get her attention. She blushed and looked away from me making me chuckle slightly which just made her turn redder.

"Um, Mr Toruki wants you to attend the seniors art class for the rest of the year and would like it if you started today. Um... you can go now." She blushed and stuttered the whole time and she couldn't look me in the eye.

"Ok miss but I will miss your class!" I said as I winked at her at the door before I turned to leave. I heard her sigh in happiness before walking away when she started class. I guess she liked me after all.

After finding the class I was now going to take I knocked on the door only to have it opened almost immediately by the teacher he smiled at me so big I swore it went past his ears. "Oh come in! Come in! Class this is Mr Hatake he will be joining us from now on for classes. Please welcome him and make him feel like part of the class. So does anyone have any questions for him?" While he was speaking I was looking around the classroom to see who I knew when I saw brown eyes staring back at me. I smirked at him as he scrowled at me. Does he think he can scare me?

"Me! I have a question!" A girl on the front shouted. I looked at her and I easily could guess her question just from her looks. Dyed blonde hair and barely there clothes oh and let's not forget the tons of make up on her face. It wasn't hard to guess that she will most likely ask if I am single... which I am.

"Are you single?" Ding! Ding! Ding! And we have a winner folks!

"Hn," I just grunted before smirking at her. "Why you interested?" She blushed and looked away... isn't that happening often?

A guy in the back raised his hand and the teacher told him to speak. "What grade are you?" Now that is the question I was waiting for!

"I'm a sophomore in this school." I said and everyone was shocked besides the teacher.

"What then how are you in our class for seniors?!" A boy shouted from the back which made me smile at the irony that I already graduated university and a high school student was asking why a sophomore was in a class for seniors when that sophomore is more qualified then most of the teachers in the school.

"He has the highest marks in all the grades and giving university quality answers." The teacher stated with pride.

"But how do you know if he is ready for the work we do?" The same boy asked while giving me a superior look as if I would struggle in this class.

"He is ready because we gave a test for university students." The teacher placed his hand on my shoulder.

"And let me guess he sucked?" The kid had the audacity to laugh at me but I just smirked at him which got him confused.

"Oh on the contrary he scored full marks! 100%!" The teacher looked happy while the class just stared in shock at me.

"OK! We need to start this class some time today! So Sakaru you can sit next to Sasori! Sasori! Please raise your hand!" As he did he sent a scrowl my way while I smirked at him. When I sat next to him I freaked out inside but outside I was the cool calm and collected Sakaru that everyone knows.

"OK class we have a project to be done by the end of the term. It will be done in groups of 3 and I will be picking the groups. Each of the groups need to create a painting that is 9 feet long and 6 feet high. It must be something that represents who you are as a person and what you would like to become." This task is going to be hard to complete. I just waited for the teacher to say who's group I am in so that I could just get this over with and go home this feeling didn't leave and I wanted to just go home and sit with a tub of cookies and cream ice cream with a movie.

Almost as if the teacher heard my thoughts he read my name so I leaned forward slightly to catch my other two partners names. "Sakaru... Deidara and... Sasori!" And my hopes dropped. I officially hate Mondays!

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