Remember me

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Hotoru POV

It has been hours since we broke the door. In that time they moved her to the emergency room. I started remembering how we met and things we did together as best friends.


Sakaru POV

I sat on my bed waiting for Kakashi to pick me up from the hospital. I was so bored I started counting the tiles on the ceiling.

5 across and 3 down. Together that makes 15. 15 times 3 is 45. 45 divided by 5 is 9. 3 goes into 9 3 times. 15 times 5 equals 75. 75 divided by 3 is 25. 25 is 5 squared.

was brought out of my own math lesson by the commotion going on out side my door. Curiosity took hold as hopped off the bed and walked to the door. Opening it slightly peaked out.

girl my age had her arm bent at an awkward angle. She was calm while everyone around her was panicking. Her purple eyes watched the people while her short spikey blue hair stood at random points.

She saw me looking at her as she waved to me. nodded before lifting my head up while glancing at the people around her before looking back at herIn return she looked at boy crying while been scolded before looking at her arm then back to me. So he broke her arm. Raising my eyebrow at her she looked at manga sitting next to her.

Nodding my head to my room turned and walked inside. Not second later she closed the door behind her.

"am guessing you were reading that manga and he tried to take it fromy ou. When you went to fetch it he pushed you and you fell on your arm?" asked her once the door was shut.

"Yeah. don't know why they are making such a big deal out of it." The girl spoke as she walked to chair placed next to my bed.

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