He knows about me

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As I pulled up in front of the house. I just sat on my bike with my helmet on before deciding to just get it over with so I don't have to come over tomorrow after school.

After I walked up to the door and knocked I started thinking that this was a bad idea and right when I was going to leave Itachi opened the door. He just motioned me inside without saying a word as I just followed him. He led me to the kitchen and indicated for me to sit down at one of the chairs placed at the table. I just sat down without looking at him or the kitchen as I just stared at my feet.

For some reason I felt uncomfortable around him. He made me get this weird feeling in my stomach and my heart was beating faster. I didn't like this feeling but at the same time I liked it... It was different then what I usually felt around people. I waited for him to say something as I noticed that it was quite in the house meaning that the rest of Akatsuki and Black rose was out or sleeping.

"Deidara and Sasori will be home soon they just went to the shop to buy food for later on." I just nodded not trusting my voice.

I suddenly started to cough as I raised my hand to cover my mouth. I coughed violently for a few moments before I pulled my hand away and stared at the blood on my hand. I almost forget that Itachi was there as well when he asked if I was alright. I couldn't answer him properly so I nodded and try to wipe my hand on my pants before he saw it but before I could he caught my hand and looked at it before staring at me in shock. I ripped my hand out of his grasp and tried to stand up but I wobbled and would have fallen on the floor if it wasn't for Itachi who caught me and held me to his chest.

He must have felt the bandages under my top when he stared at me in disbelief as he carried me up the stairs and into someone's room. I was guessing it was his from the black and purple theme in the room and the photo of him and Sasuke. After setting me gently on the bed he sat next to me on a chair. It was quiet as he stared at me and I just looked away from him.

"So you are a girl." He stated after a while.

"Yes. I am a girl. Are you going to tell?" I couldn't help the sharp and clipped tone that my voice carried.

"No." I snapped my head to look at him only to see him looking at me with an unreadable expression.

"Why not?" I couldn't hep asking. I mean yeah I don't want him to tell but why won't he say anything?

"You kept it a secret for a reason and who am I to tell?" He looked completely serious while saying that. A smile came on to my face as I leaned forward and kissed his cheek.

I laughed when I looked at his face to see him blushing. I felt dizzy as Itachi pushed me back on to the bed.

"Rest... I will tell them that you got sick and I put you in here." He patted my head as he got up to leave the room. When he was by the door I called out to him and he turned around to look at me.

"Thank you... for everything... I owe you," I said as my eyes closed.

I didn't know for how long I slept but when I came to the house was still silent. I got up silently trying not to make a noise as I creeped threw the house.

As I went past a room I heard what sounded like someone crying. When I looked in I saw someone sitting on a bed in the room holding what looked like a picture frame. The room was dark so I couldn't see who it was but the soft cries continued. As I listened it sounded like the person was talking in between the sobs all I could hear were broken pieces of what he was saying.

"I am so sorry... Didn't mean to... Loved you... Didn't have a choice... Gone... Wasn't there... Miss you... Why did you... Left without a trace... Can't find... Heard the news... Miss you... Sorry... Never meant... Hurt you... Forgiveness... Hurts inside... Explain things..."

Right when I thought I heard enough he called my given name... "Yuki..."

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