My day as a 'girl' part 1

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I woke up feeling mischievous and so decided to go to school as Sakaru's twin sister. After I decided that I took out black short shorts, a white tube top and a black shirt unbuttoned. I left my hair messy and put on black eyeliner as well as my diamond earrings.

After completing my normal routine and eating I put on my black converse shoes and went to my garage to decide what to drive to school after all they won't know that I am Sakaru so I could be flashy this morning. After debating with myself I decided to go with the black Lamborghini with a white strip on the front going to the back.

I started the car and drove to the school. As my car pulled up in the student parking lot I got a few stares from people who noticed the new car. When I parked I reached behind the seat for my headphones and plugged it in. Playing Starstruck from 3oh!3 featuring Katey Perry I got out the car. Upon seeing me everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at me as I walked past them. I got to the office so I could get a visitors pass for the day. I got one and walked to 'Sakaru's' class to see Gaara sitting at his desk struggling with the last sum of his homework. I walked behind him because he didn't notice me. After looking at what the sum was I worked it out.

"The answer to the last question is x= 4.756. And your method at getting the answer for number 8 is wrong. Use the elimination method then substitute and there is the answer." He jumped in his seat after he heard my voice from behind him.

I went and sat in the desk in front of him giving him a clear view of me. Once he saw me he blushed a light red before realisation dawned on his face as he took a closer look at my face.

"Wait! You are that girl from our concert a few months ago! The one that was with Kira and Hotoru!" He shouted out as he pointed a finger at me. That must have been the most I had ever heard him say at one time.

"You have a good memory... Gaara." I smirked at him. I leaned forward and kissed his cheek as he blushed as red as his hair.

"W- w- what was that for?!" He shouted as I stood up to walk out the class but I turned back when I heard him speak.

"That was payment for the answers." And with that I left.

Gaara POV

After the girl left I still sat staring at where she was standing before. I touched my cheek where she kissed me as a smile came onto my face thinking about how soft her lips were on my cheek.

I started to frown when I realised that I don't even know her name. I corrected the questions she pointed out and just sat there staring outside.

I didn't even realise that the bell for the start of classes rung until Naruto walked in.

"Yo Gaara!" He shouted right in my ear making me flinch slightly. But before I could do anything to him the teacher walked in.

"Okay settle down class! We have a visitor here today and I want you to be on your best behavior! You can come in now!" Right then the girl walked in.

I only now noticed her clothes. She didn't dress slutty or provocative but she dressed in a way that shows that she was comfortable with herself. As she turned to face the class I saw that she had a six pack! It wasn't built but you could see the outline of it.

After been broken from my trace I saw all the guys looking at her with hearts in their eyes. She just looked at everyone before her eyes landed on me.

Now one thing should be obvious about me... I don't blush no matter the situation so imagine my surprise that when she winked at me my face heated up. It must have been my day because Naruto noticed.

"Gaara! Why are you blushing?!" Please just kill me now.

Sakaru POV

Wait Gaara's blushing?! I turned to look at him only to see the tips of his ears red and a light dusting of pink on his cheeks. When he saw me looking at him he hid behind a book that was in front of him. I wonder who he is blushing for?

Right then the teacher decides to speak up. "Everyone this is Misaki Hatake! She is visiting our school for the day and I want you to be on your best behaviour! Any questions for miss Hatake?" A boy in the back raised his hand.

"So do you have a boyfriend?"

"Not that I am aware of..." A girl raised her hand. She looked like the snobbish type

"Why are you here?" And I was right!

"I am thinking of sponsoring this school." Nice and simple.

A girl with pink hair and green eyes stood up in the back wearing the uniform way too many sizes too small. "Why are you not in school? Are you too stupid to attend?!" If that was surposed to hurt me it wasn't a very good way to diss me.

"I don't need to attend school. What is your name by the way?" She looked smug and answered with a challenging look.

"I'm Sakura Haruno." Was her name important to me or something? Oh right I asked for it.

"Sakura... nice to know." Hear the sarcasm?

"But just you wait one day I will be Sakura Uchiha!" She shouted with fire in her eyes. In the corner of my eye I saw Sasuke shiver in disgust at of her with his surname.

"Wait you said your name was Haruno right?" Now where have I heard that name?

"Yeah from the Modeling Agency. Remember it bitch!" Oh yeah her uncle is the CEO at the modeling agency.

"Sorry to burst your bubble but do you model?" I ask trying to see if her name rings a bell.

"No but I was asked to model for them but I said no and that I was too good!" I don't remember offering her a job.

"Oh really?" I ask as I raised my eyebrow.

" Yes really!" She said flipping her hair over her shoulder as her followers spoke about the 'job offer'.

"I don't ever recall offering you a job at my company... and to model none the less!" I start laughing at the end as her face drops in shock before anger replaced it.

"Who the fuck are you?! You don't own the company! So don't go on like you do!" Newsflash I actually do own it!

"Tell me what you know of the owner of the agency," I ask as I examine my nails. Wow I must look snobbish!

"The owner is female. She finished school early and bought a small modeling agency. I don't know her age but she is surposed to be rich. Her signature is the initials M.H. That is all that was known about her." She said listing the known facts about me.

"Go ask your uncle about her he might just tell you who she is." I say just as the bell rings for the next period.

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