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After I had gotten free from the children I left to my room passing Akatsuki and Black rose who were all sleeping in the chairs holding Kira and Hotoru who had tear streaked faces. My heart pulled knowing I caused them distress but I couldn't find it within myself to tell them. Gently closing the door I slid down and started to quietly cry. That crying soon turned to sobbing as I bit on my fist to muffle the sounds.

A particularly loud sob escaped my mouth but I bit harder drawing blood. I didn't feel the pain as my emotional pain over whelmed the physical pain. It was like I couldn't breath. The emotional distress I felt was just too much as I felt my body start shaking and blood filled my mouth. My body started convulsing as my vision darkened. A faint banging noises started and shouting was heard but was all to faint for me. The last thing I saw was Kira and Hotoru as they screamed my name before my vision went black.

Kira POV

Something felt wrong. Opening my eyes I got out of Pein's hold careful not to wake him before looking around. I saw Hotoru also getting up and once we were standing together we heard muffled sobs coming from the door to Sakaru's room. Creeping up to the door we listened.

A loud sob broke out but it was suddenly cut off. Listening for a few more seconds a cough then a small splatter was heard. I looked at Hotoru in alarm before trying the door.

The door wouldn't budge so we tried calling her. Our shouts coming more frantic when she didn't answer. A thump was heard on the other side then silence.

We tried kicking the door down, waking the boys who were sleeping. They rushed here but I didn't notice as we splinted the door giving us a glimpse of Sakaru laying on the floor. After one last kick the door splinted under our combined efforts letting us see Sakaru just as she closed her eyes.

"Sakaru!" Someone screamed and belatedly I realized that it was Hotoru and myself who screamed. I was grabbed and dragged out of the room. I didn't care who it was only they were taking me away from my friend.

I thrashed around and screamed for them to let me get to her but the person held me fast. Doctors rushed into the room before trying to restart her heart. She wasn't breathing.

Blood was next to her head and on her clothes dripping from her mouth. The last thing I saw before blacking out was the doctors shocking Sakaru as her body rose with the current in her body before they closed the door. I slumped against whoever was holding me as my vision went black.

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