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Reincarnated: A Bunny to A Lion by Hatake555
Reincarnated: A Bunny to A Lionby Hatake555
A modern world girl is killed of by being an Idiot and is reborn into Naruto determined to make changes for the better. Join her as she changes the story with changing...
  • naruto
  • kakashi
  • hinata
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Mask (Naruto Various X Reader) by sleeplessInc
Mask (Naruto Various X Reader)by Karma
There is a girl, she's very kind and unbelievably pretty. But deep inside she's the saddest person you probably have ever seen. This girl is you. After moving to Japan...
  • sakura
  • akatsukixreader
  • narutoxreader
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The White Flash(under Editing) by Cleoamelia
The White Flash(under Editing)by Autumn
Kakashi Hatake had a daughter! A little version of himself whose only things he has in common with are tardiness and hair color. Lexxi Hatake's attitude is unlike her fa...
  • neji
  • ino
  • kiba
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Becoming by DarkTwilightCrystal
Becomingby Twilight
Naruto left Konoha years ago, and comes back years later. At first, people don't recognize him, which pleases, yet disgusts Naruto. But then, Neji and Hinata come along...
  • naruhina
  • becoming
  • naruto
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Haikyuu Soulmate AU by MikiMii
Haikyuu Soulmate AUby MikiMii
Collection of Haikyuu Soulmate fics Note: I don't own these stories!! They are owned be the autors!
  • kurokotetsuya
  • hajime
  • ushijima
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oxygen ● haikyuu x male reader by yixinqly
oxygen ● haikyuu x male readerby ᴇʟɪᴊᴀʜ
━ ❝when he's on the court, it feels like neither side can breathe properly without his permission. he rules above all in the court. ❞
  • yaoi
  • reader
  • oikawa
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The light to my darkness (Sasuhina) by applecrisp123
The light to my darkness (Sasuhina)by applecrisp123
Sasuke slowly realizing he cares a lot about Hinata. The idea popped in my mind so I'm just gonna run with it.
  • naruto
  • alternateuniverse
  • sasuke
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Mae Kageyama! Tobio's sister?!(Haikyuu fan-fic) (HaikyuuxOC) by Lscutestrawberrycake
Mae Kageyama! Tobio's sister?!(Hai...by Lscutestrawberrycake
What if Kageyama had a sister? Would she be like him? Where was she after all this time? Well you can find out in this book! This is the story of Mae Kageyama the littl...
  • oikawa
  • kuroo
  • asahi
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Konoha's Red Flash | Naruto Fanfiction [BOOK 1] by gothboixx
Konoha's Red Flash | Naruto Fanfic...by slumpgodd
COMPLETED {Sasuke Love Story} Book 2: The Red Rogue Kazumi Uzumaki is the twin sister of Naruto Uzumaki. They've been alone their whole life and they only have each othe...
  • sasuke
  • inoyamanaka
  • itachi
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Changes: Naruto by DrakeMercer
Changes: Narutoby Styyx Uchiha
What if Naruto were a year older? What if he'd had a twin sister and a younger sister? What if the nine tails hadn't been sealed into Naruto but into his younger sister...
  • ninja
  • itachi
  • naruto
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Headphones (Naruhina) by YvonnePokemon
Headphones (Naruhina)by ItzLucy ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ
COMPLETED Naruto Uzimaki is a famous actor and singer. Tons of girls have huge crushes on him, he ends up going to Konaha high where everyone loves him, but he doesn't s...
  • sasuke
  • naruto
  • hinata
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Haikyuu on Ice! | Haikyu!! Fanfiction by celestial_panda0
Haikyuu on Ice! | Haikyu!! Fanfict...by panda
Ice Skating AU (i think?? its not a crossover tho) Hinata Shoyo is a figure skater. He just doesn't tell his teammates. The Karasuno Volleyball team has gotten permissio...
  • iceskatingau
  • tsukiyama
  • tsukishima
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You and I (Sasuhina)  by imizushi
You and I (Sasuhina) by Kurosakichi
U. Sasuke, the famous celebrity is having hardest times of his life. Hinata, just happened to be his neighbour a few days ago.
  • sasuke
  • depression
  • hinata
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Haikyuu!! Boyfriend Scenarios!! *Discontinued* by zombielover8469
Haikyuu!! Boyfriend Scenarios!! *D...by zombielover8469
Hello there!! So I know there are many of these but I love this anime so imma do scenarios with them. There are some one shots in here as well. Check out my Akatsuki and...
  • haikyuu
  • scenarios
  • anime
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Reborn as a Senju?! (Naruto Fanfiction) by Adriana_the_wolf666
Reborn as a Senju?! (Naruto Fanfic...by Adriana_the_wolf666
15 years old kid named Adriana died by getting hit by a bus. But now she reborn in naruto world as Kana Senju. (Slow updates) (editing)
  • choji
  • naruto
  • gaara
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KageyamaxReader  by katiyachann
KageyamaxReader by katiya
(Y/N) has known Kageyama Tobio for almost her entire life, because they've been next door neighbors and best friends since elementary school. Now that they've started hi...
  • kageyamaxreader
  • haikyuufanfiction
  • sports
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『Røll the Dice øn Fate』 by -uchihaa
『Røll the Dice øn Fate』by 「 A A R O N 」
What happens when a SI gets reborn in the world of Naruto and is willing to lie, cheat and steal his way to power? Magical Vivisectionist Pretty Oro-tan, eat your heart...
  • adventure
  • hinata
  • angst
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KageHina Fluff by _YaoiTrash
KageHina Fluffby Trash 🙃
"So... Do you like tissues?"
  • hinataxkageyama
  • kageyamatobio
  • shoyou
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Falling For You by uzumakigk
Falling For Youby gk
Naruhina. When Naruto is sent to Konaha to learn the value of money by his father, he thinks his life is ruined and boring for the next six months. However things take...
  • narutoxhinata
  • completed
  • friendship
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Haikyu!! Lemons/one-shots/smut!! by Reis_little_cupcake
Haikyu!! Lemons/one-shots/smut!!by Sarah Renfro
read at your own risk the title says it all.
  • nishinoya
  • anime
  • asahi
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