Meeting Black Rose

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I turned around to see 6 boys standing there. Each boy looked different from the next.

"That was quite a show." One of the boys said but I didn't bother to listen further as I put my headphones on and turned my music on high as I went and sat on one of the couches available.

I didn't need to be introduced to them anyway as I already knew who they were and they didn't need to know me. As I was nodding my head to Chalk Outline by Three Days Grace I felt someone tap me so I turned to look at them with a bored look only to see Naruto right in front of my face. He started talking while I just stared at him wondering when he will realise that I have headphones on so I couldn't hear him.

After a few seconds I saw Sasuke hitting him over the head and saying something to Naruto while gesturing at me. A look of realisation dawned on his face as he turned back to look at me I just raised an eyebrow at him.

I just watched as the rest of the boys came in front of me and started talking with Naruto. As I was watching them I felt someone sit next to me and turned to look to see Hotoru sitting there also looking bored while Kira stood behind me.

Turning back to the front I saw the boys talking to us again but I still didn't take my headphones off. It may seem rude but quite frankly I don't care. So sat there listening to my music before Hotoru tapped my shoulder and gestured to take my headphones off.

As soon as it was off Naruto started to talk but I tuned him out instead looking at the boys in front of me.

Naruto had short blond spikey hair and baby blue eyes that went well with the orange top that he was wearing. His whisker marks on his cheeks gave him a foxy look that girls would go crazy for.

Sasuke was dark that was basically it. Black hair shaped like a duck-butt, black bottomless eyes, dark purple shirt unbuttoned showing off his six-pack and black jeans.

Shikamaru looked as bored as I felt. Wearing his hair in a ponytail that stuck up like a pineapple at the end with his hands in his jeans pockets and his green t-shirt his appearance screamed laid back.

Kiba's short brown hair looked messy and his black eyes only made him seem more animalistic as they had a wild look in them. He wore a dark blue muscle top and his jeans were ripped.

Neji wore a white shirt with the first few buttons undone and his jeans were faded. His long brown hair was tied at the end and his white eyes showed arrogance.

Gaara had his hands in his pockets of his black jeans and his body was covered by his muscle top which was dark grey. His red hair was messy and his teal eyes appeared to be looking through you.

In short I summed them up as something like this:



Shikamaru- Lazy

Kiba- Animalistic

Neji- Stuck-up

Gaara- Scary

When I finished zoning out I saw all the boys looking at me expectantly but I didn't catch what was said.

"Can you repeat that?" I asked bored.

"Look she was day dreaming about us! The Dope asked what your name was," Sasuke said with a smirk that had no effect on me.

"No I was actually thinking about what to make when I get home. As for my name... That is for me to know and you to never find out" I replied smirking back at him.

"You were the one sitting in the front right? The one that had the headphones on, that was you right?" Kiba asked while looking at me intensely.

"Yeah it was!" Kira answered for me while Hotoru just rolled her eyes.

"What's it to you?" I asked raising an eyebrow at him.

"Wait she's the one that just ignored us when we were on stage?!" Naruto shouted while everyone else just looked at me.

"So what's the big deal?" I asked bored with the topic.

"You were the first to do that and not just to us! Did you see how the Akatsuki was flipping! Man that was funny!" Naruto replied laughing in between.

"You forget you were also shouting and going on when we came off the stage?" Neji finally spoke up.

"Yeah! You were all like 'No one likes us anymore!' What a loser!" Kiba said while smiling in glee at seeing Naruto sulking.

"You shouldn't talk Kiba. If I remember correctly you were saying it with him," Gaara spoke up from the back while looking at Kiba who went to sulk with Naruto.

"Hey you heard that Datenshi just released a new video? Man what a drag..." Shikamaru stated while looking at something on his phone.

"Really? Let me see!" All the guys crowded around Shikamaru who was messing with his phone. Suddenly Let it go started playing as the boys watched the video.

I just looked at Kira and Hotoru before nodding slightly indicating that we should go.

"Oh would you look at the time! Well we better get going! See you hopefully never!" Kira said as she looked at her invisible watch before running towards the door with Hotoru and my self following behind her.

"Wait! We will walk you out!" Naruto shouted as he ran towards us before tripping right in front of us.

Hotoru bit her lip trying to keep from laughing while Kira was using the doorframe to keep herself from falling over from laughing so hard. I just let out a few chuckles before shaking my head and walking out.

"Wait! We didn't get your name..." Gaara said with a frown as we were walking out.

I turned around to see all the guys by the door.

"Well your just going to have to live with that now aren't you?" I said before walking out the stadium.

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