Chapter 31

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"Can you stop?" Nova said looking back at me

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"Can you stop?" Nova said looking back at me. I made a face sucking My teeth.

"What you have a attitude for? You aggravated?" I asked pushing her head. She sighed making me laugh.

"Stop. Aren't you on live can you entertain your followers?" She said. 

"Ight bet." I said grabbing my phone sitting on her bed. "Since you want to act like that who wanna go live with me."

She throws a pencil at me. "Don't play. I will play back."

"Play back then." I said.

"Ok." She stood up from her desk grabbing her drawing and some other shit and went in the bathroom locking herself in. 

I added this bad chick on my live after seeing Nova joining my live. "Wassup."

"Hey. I'm such a fan." She said.

"I ain't famous." I said.

"But your like really cute and you go viral on the internet." She said.

"I don't consider myself famous. You got a boyfriend?" I asked.

"No actually. Where you stay?" She asked.

"Chicago." I said.

"Oh. I'm scared to go out there." She said chuckling.

"Why? You think something going to happened you?"I asked.

"Yea." She said.

"Nah. It all depends on how you carry yourself. Can't be the loudest ratchet hoe that's how you get ya shit pop." I said.

"Nah I'm not tryna come out there. How about you come out here in Cali." I said.

"Ight. My girl be going to California a lot so that won't be a problem." I said.

"Your girl?" She said.

"Yea. My girl." I said. "Wait you thought I was flirting with you or something?" I said watching as the comment section fill with laughing emojis.

"Who's your girl?" She asked.

"Why?" I said.

"Because you was just flirting with me. And it doesn't make sense how your saying you and your girl will come out here in Cali." She said.

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