Chapter 24

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I watched as Nova danced in her camera. She turned around and looks at and threw up her middle finger before running off.

She was starting to become like Nick. "Yo you need to chill." I said laughing. 

"I can't." She runs back in the room getting on the bed and jumps on it while I tried to text my Mom and let her know how the trip was going.

"Come on man." I said. She continued to jump on the bed. I put my phone down and grabbed her ankle pulling them making her flop down on the bed.

"You always want to ruin fun." She said catching her breath.

"Just chill. You excited for not reason." I said as she lay next to me looking on my phone.

After I texted my Mom I decided to scroll on Instagram. "I don't wanna leave tomorrow." She sighed. "I like it here."

"Me too. Everything here cool."

"Yea. Especially the food." She said.

"Yea. You know when we get back to school prom will be around the corner. We didn't even decide what color."

"I don't even want to go." She said.

"Why not? It's your senior year. Your last year of school you should enjoy prom. I'm tryna floss with my girl." I said.

"Prom is when everyone is there and dressed up. Dressing up isn't for me." She said. "I don't like too much skin showing."

"So ain't nothing wrong with you though. Like I said before your art art should be showed off to everyone." He said.

"I'm still kinda second guessing." She said.

"It's cool." I said. "But colors you should wear-"

"We should wear royal blue." I said.

"I do have to goooo." She groaned.

I sucked my teeth. "Ok. You don't have to go." I said

"Are you mad?" She asked.

"Nah. If you don't wanna go it's fine." I said

"I feel like your mad at me." She said. "Ok I'll go."

"What I thought." I said.

"You can't be doing that." She nudged me making me laugh because I know exactly what I just did.

"Doing What?" I asked.

"You can't be faking like you don't care or your mad just so I can say yes." She said making me laugh.

"I don't know what your talking about." I said.

"Yes you do." She said. "Don't play."

"Ok." I said.

She snatched my phone. "Come on man." I said.

"Pay attention to me." She said.

"Pay attention to you? Who are you to be exact?"

"Nova Nicole Miller."

"First who you getting bold with. Ight Imma show you what's up."

"Like you gonna do something. What you gonna do huh?" She said all in my face. "Exactly stop capping." She points her finger.

As soon as she sat up straight I quickly wrapped my hand around her neck catching her off guard making her eyes widen while she laughed and grabbed my wrist.

"Yea. Who you thinking you talking too? You getting a lil too bold with daddy." I said sitting up laying on her.

"First off your heavy so get off." She said.

"Say sorry first."

"Never." She said laughing.

"We finna go to sleep like this then."

"Im sorry." She said lowly.


"Nah you good." She said.


"I'm sorry." She said.


"I'm sorry!" She said. I let her go and sat up.

"You gonna stop talking to me like I'm a bozo." I said. "I'm daddy you better learn."

"Daddy? Who said you were daddy?"

"Girl I been daddy. Fuck you mean. I been sexy. You see all this chocolate." I said making her laugh while I chuckle.

"Do you see all this chocolate. My skin more richer than yours." She playfully rolled her eyes.

"You ain't lying." I bit my lip at her making her blush.

Nicks bust through the door. "Look this nigga Jay sleep. I caught him lacking." He said jumping up and down. "Come here." He said.

We get out the bed and followed him into the living room to Jay sleeping peacefully. Nick has a pot of water.

"Record this." Nick gave me his phone.

"Ight when that nigga wanna fight I'm not saving yo ass." I said.

"The fuck Jay gonna do." Nick said.

I started to record. Nick held the pot of water over him. He counted to three and poured it on Jay then smack the fuck outta him before running off. Jay sat up. He wipes his face.

"Bruh." He stood up. "Nick Imma stab yo bitch ass!" Jay chases Nick around the hotel room.

"KILO! GET THIS NIGGA!" Nick dodges Jay. Jay picked up the pot ready to hit him with it.

"Ion got nothing to do with that." I said.

"HE FINNA BEAT MY ASS!" He scream to the top of his lungs sounding like a lil girl. Zai and Norm comes out there rooms laughing.

Nick runs behind me. He jumps on my back. "Yo! Move!" I said trying to get him off me because Jay was come after him and I wanted to no parts of that.

Nick rolls away and got up running out the room. Jay ran after him.

"Watch Nick gonna get his ass beat by Jay one good time." I said as they agreed.


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