Chapter 19

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The next day.

"Morning." I said as I enter the kitchen.

"Hey where were you last night you were with friends?" Mom asked.

"Yea." I told her.

Corey chuckles. "Oh." He said.

"What did you guys do?" She asked.

"I was at one of my friends house. We watched a movie played games ya know basic stuff."

"Oh." Corey said.

"Why you saying oh like you know something?" Daddy asked him.

"Just noticing how blind you two are." He said.

"Blind?" Momma asked.

"Yea." He said getting out the chair walking up to me turning my head to the side. "What's the real reason you been out all night?"

"Nova What is this?" Momma said trying to wipe it off. "This better be makeup."

"Nah it's real." Corey said.

Mom hits me with the towel in her hand. "Who did this?" Daddy asked about to break my neck trying to see the hickey on my neck.


"Nobody. Don't even lie someone had too." Corey said.

"Shut up. Nobody asked for you input." I said.

"Where did you go last night?" Momma asked.

"I was with friends." I said.

"At who's house?" He asked.

My eyes wondered off from theirs. I didn't want to tell them I was with Isaiah. Daddy would probably try to kill him and I knew Momma wouldn't like him.

"Don't even think about lying." She said.

"I don't wanna say." I told them. "Your gonna judge me."

"Maybe if you tell her it would be more better if you don't your making it hard for your self." Corey said.

I stood there thinking about if I even should tell them. Especially Corey since he's so judgmental about everything I do.

"Who?" She said.

"His name is Isaiah. Isaiah Johnson-"

Corey laughs making us look at him. "Damn Kilo? You pulled Kilo? He don't even go for girls like you."

"See this why I didn't want-"

"Who is Kilo- Isaiah Whatever his name is?" She asked. Before daddy could say anything Corey beat him to it.

"He live on the west side. He gang bang ever since his brother died. Rumor going around he's getting revenge on whoever killed his brother." He said.

"From the west? Nova that's where you been going?" Her eyes widen. "You just disappointed me with this Nova. We had talks about this."

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