Chapter 7

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Days later.

Missing a week of school because of my depression and anxiety probably got Norm worrying about me. I haven't texted or called her.

It was the afternoon and my father has me working today. My father's diner is located in a town where out North, West, South, East come and eat.

I sat on the counter staring at the customers eating. They looked so happy. Why couldn't I just be happy?

"Girl, what's wrong?" Jasmine asked. Jasmine was my age. She didn't go to my school because her parents didn't want her to so she was homeschooled.

"Nothing," I told her.

"You sure?" She asked me.

"Yea," I told her getting off the counter. "Just tired." I looked at the time it was almost time for me to go home. I walked out of the kitchen and walked to my dad's office. He sat there writing.

"Ready?" He asked.

"Yea. Kinda tired." I told him.

"Ok." He nodded, taking off his glasses. He pulled up his sleeves revealing all his tattoos.

My dad grew up in Chicago in the west. He told me stories of how he used to follow the wrong people and that's how he ended up in jail for a long time.

He even had a tattoo that said "West till I die." My Mother is from the North.

Her parents were both from the north and they didn't want her to be with my dad. That's why his diner is in town where everyone comes to.

"I'll finish that later. We can leave now." He said standing up grabbing his belongings.

We left the diner and headed home. When we arrived home Norm was talking to my mom.

Norm and I went upstairs to my room and talked. "So why haven't you been to school." She asked.

"Because I've been sick." I told her.

"Hmm sick and went to work still." She said. "For real tell me."

"I was sick. Daddy needed me at the diner. Busy today." I take off my shoes.

"Ok." She said. She goes in my closet. "Ou we should match."

"I would like to stick to my sweaters and sweatpants." I told her.

"Please. It will be fun." She said.

"Nope." I told her.

"I'm spending the night." She said.

"That's fine. You are not going to force me to match you." I told her. She mocks me.

"Ok first off let me tell you about the past couple of days. Nick." She rolls her eyes cringing. "I can't stand his fucking stupid dumb ass."

I laughed. "Why? He's funny?" I told her.

"I just can't. So Monday we had an assignment and he was standing behind me. Copying my paper. I hear laughs from people. I'm thinking they are laughing at something else. Whole time he was behind me copying my answer." She said. I shake my head knowing that sounds like something he would do.

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