Chapter 10

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Week later.

"So I was like who give a fuck about you moving on

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"So I was like who give a fuck about you moving on. Bitch be gone. Don't nobody want to ass anyways. With that said she started hitting me. So I snatch her wig and ran. Bitch don't embarrass me then expect me not to embarrass you."Nick shakes his head. "Aye there go my girl."

Norm and Nova walked up to us. "Here's your soap."

"Tryna say I'm dirty?" He said

"Yes." She said. They go back and forth like always.

"Sup Nova." I said


The pass weeks I kinda became cool with Nova. She wasn't a bad person. She was definitely the opposite of Norm.

"You working today?" I asked.

"No." She shakes her head.

"You want to go somewhere after school?" I asked her. I didn't know why I had a nervous feeling. Any girl I talk to I knew I could get.

"Sure we can come too." Nick said.

"Yea." She said.

"Never mind you guys can come." I said. "That'll be selfish of me."

"Yo lets go to the spot. We can get snacks and just sit out there. But someone got bring the mosquito spray because they ain't finna attack my ass." Nick said.

"I can't go. Tyler and I have-" Nick threw his hand in her face then mushed her face pushing her back.

"At seven." He said.

"Norm why not?" Nova asked her.

"Tyler invited me to his house." She said.

"Oh tryna be grown now." Nick said. "I'll take my belt off so fast like I'm-"

Norm threw her hand up in his face and mushed his face pushing him back making him hit the lockers. Causing people to look.

"So at the spot at 7?" Jay asked.

"Yea." I said. We look over at Nick and Norm getting physical and cursing at each other. "Anyways. You want me to pick you up?"

"Sure I could use a ride ion feel like driving no-" Jay looks up sees I was talking to Nova. "Oh my bad. I'll drive myself then. Imma go join Nick and Norm." He turned his back.

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