Chapter 20

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Days later.

"Nick it ain't the time for jokes." I said.

"Sorry I didn't take my medicine." He said giggles making Jay and I look back at him.

"I got you." Jay digs in his pocket. "Always kept yo medicine on me so you can shut the fuck up." He said giving it to him.

Nick looks at them and rolled down the window and threw them out. "I'm not taking those fucking mood killers."

"Just shut up please." Jay rubbed his temples. "I'm really irritated bro and you making it worse."

"Why are you irritated? Is it because for Zai? Wait y'all ain't fuck in a while? Da-"

Jay turned around in his seat and started swinging on Nick. "Aye Aye!" I pushed them apart.

"Bitch I was just asking a question with you mad ass. You can't get mad at me because you ain't getting no pussy." Nick laughs.

I pulled over stopping the car. We get out the car. Jay tried to get at Jay while Nick dances and laughs making it worse.

"Jay come on man you know that man ain't mean no harm." I said. "You know he be on his bullshit."

"Man he play too much it's aggravating. Imma knock his fucking head straight." Jay gets back in the car.

"It's aggravating or irritating which one." He twirled around and on foot shrugging His shoulders. I held my laugh. I fucking hate Nick in situations like this.

"Come on man You know you wanna laugh at that." I said. A smirk creeped up on his face. "See stop being mad all the time. You know Nick be playing man."

"Too much." He said. "I should slap his disabled ass."

"What nigga?" He stopped dancing walking up behind. "You call me disability?"

"Uh Yea nigga look at you. You fucking dumb ass." He said.

"ADHD is not a disability ok. It's- It's.... Its something I can't help. That's why yo daddy look like LeBron James back in the day." He said.

"Man you know yo Momma want to fuck Daddy stop playing."

"Hey hey hey chill out that's mommy you talking about." He said pointing his finger at him. We get back in the car. I drive to the store where my brother was shot at. The store owner Mr Lee Who was also a police officer let us have a remembering of him there.

I pulled up to the store and we get out and went inside. "Mr Lee." I slapped hands with him. "Sup."

"Nothing trying to keep these want to be thugs off my store trying to gang bang." I said. "Ya know things getting bad around here."

"I know. Tryna stay safe before one of us be on the news next." I said.

He nodded. "You need protection you can always come to me." He said.

"Ight. I can use that though." I said.

"I got you man." He said. I nodded.

"I appreciate that." I said. After finishing talking to Mr Lee I stopped by Robert Remembering. I picked up the candles and light them up. His picture sat up against the wall. Feeling my eyes sting I rubbed them. "Imma find who did it."

We left and went to the North to Norm house since we couldn't meet up with Nova at her house.

As soon as I pulled up Nova was outside on the porch looking like she just got out of bed. She smiled when she saw me getting out the car. She run up to me and jumps on me looking so excited.

"Why you so excited?" I asked her.

"Because I'm on punishment so my brother been watching where I go. He had to follow me here and I haven't seen you in days."

"That's why you ain't been at my house in a couple days?" I asked. She nodded before kissing my lips.

"I missed you." She said.

"I missed you too." I said walking with her on me still in the house.

She gets down. I look her up and down observing what she was wearing. Nike spandex shorts that stopped mid thigh and and a hoodie that was a picture of her and Norm. On the back it said Best friends since 2000.

"This dope." I touched her hoodie.

"Had it since freshman year." She said. I nodded. I follow her upstairs to Norm room which was dope. Her shit was like everything technology. When you walk on the floor there a glow of your foot print. Her shit was just fye I ain't never seen nobody room like this.

I sat down in one of the chair. I pulled Nova to sit in my lap. "Are you going to speak moose?" Nick asked Norm. Norm side eye him then mugged him.

"Who invited you anyways?" She said. He raised his eyebrows at her.

"You was saying that when we was on the phone last night."

"Yea because you called me asking if I had sugar at 11 something." She said.

"I wanted to make some kool aid we ain't have no sugar." He said.

A little white furry Dog enters the room and barks. Since Nick was the only one standing the dog chases him making him run around the room. From a little dog. Nova gets off my lap grabbed the dog.

"Snowy that's not nice." She said sitting on my lap.

"That's one mean ass dog." Nick said out of breath.

"You running from a lil ass dog Nick you have problems."

"When a dog chases you nigga you run." He said.

"Snowy is not mean She was happy to see you. She just wants to play." She said.

"No sir ion wanna play with Snowy you rough as hell." Nick said making us laugh.

I bit my bottom lip as Nova moves around on my lap. She bends down and puts the dog down making Nick get on Norm bed.

"So scary." Norm said. While everyone talked I tuned them out focusing on Nova ass sitting on my dick. Suddenly I started day dreaming.

"Mmm right there." She moaned as I hit her spot.

She arched her back deeper. "Fuck." I moaned as her walls tightened. I grabbed her hair and pulled it as my stroking slows down.

"Bruh?" Jay threw a ball at me.

"What?" I mugged him.

"You look like you was out of this world nigga." Jay said.

"I'm good." I said. While Nova sat on my lap I tried my best to not get hard. My mind wonders off to dirty thoughts of her and I. I shake my head at my thoughts.

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