Chapter 33

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I watched as Nova pick up a gun and played with it

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I watched as Nova pick up a gun and played with it. "No give me this." I take it from her.

"Why? It my first time holding it." She said.

"No." I said. "That shit might go off and you playing with it."

"Well let me shoot it." I said.

"These ain't even mine girl." I said chuckling. "This my Dad shit."

"Oh." She said. "He must be staying with y'all now?"

"Yea." I said putting everything back in its place. We walked out the basement and walked in my room.

Kenzie froze. She slowly turned around holding whatever behind her back and a camera in her hand.

"What you doing?" I said with a straight face.

"Ok imma just flat out say it. Where is my special brush? I know you got it ripples." She said making Nova laugh like always.

"Bruh get out." I said walking up to her. "And stay out my stuff bruh." I snatched my brush from her.

"Well ion see why you need it some much you barely have waves." She snatched my brush walking out the room slamming the door.

"I love her." Nova said dying laughing like it was so funny.

"It's not funny." I said.

"Yes it was." She said.

"You think it's funny?" I said. I picked her up putting her over my shoulder.

"Ouu I like the view." She pinched my ass cheek.

"Yo I will drop you foh don't ever touch my ass. You on some gay shit." I put her down.

"How is it so gay?" She asked.

"Because that's just gay." I said.

"Whatever." She said as I get in my bed. "We should do something today?"

"Like?" I asked.

"Anything. We can go out. Instead of being in the house." She said. Nova's parents and her Brother left Chicago and went to California since yesterday.

So she been at my, She even spent the night last night. My lil shorty getting bold bold on you hoes. "I got a idea what we can do but we gotta bring Kenzie. My momma and Pops so called going somewhere. Later on tonight we can do random shit like we can go to somewhere and just wild out."

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