Chapter 25

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Days later.

I walked down the hallway texting Isaiah since he didn't come to school today. After I sent him my last text I get a incoming call to FaceTime from him.

I twisted my lips and answered. He was in the camera like.....

"What's up with you?" I said laughing

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"What's up with you?" I said laughing.

"I'm bored." He said.

"Come to school."

"You say that like school fun."

"It can be sometime." I said making him look at me crazy.

"Such a nerd." He said.

"Why you didn't come? I'm here solo by myself today. Nobody really came to school." I said.

"You got Nick. He there. Plus I ain't wanna come because I'm tried as hell. I'm just now waking up." He said.

"Oh. Your cute even waking up."

"I know. All this chocolate man. The chocolate does it." He said smiling.

"Hey guess what?" I said. "This year we took in Me Nobles class was so hard I made a damn solid 80."

"Ok I'm about to hang up on you because you bugging. A 80? Nova that's good."

"Not good enough. I study mad hard for it. I deserve at least a 85 or above."

"Your bugging. Make sure you give me the answers tho. I got something to do today I'm. It gonna be able to study."

"Like what?" I asked going to my locker.

"Like something for my Momma." He said.

"Ok." I said. "Well I call you later when I get out of school."

"Ok. When you get out of school come by." He said.

"Ok see you later."

"Ight" He said. I hung up the phone.

I take out some books from my book bag and put them in my locker.

I hear Nick sigh leaning against Norm locker. "This is one draining day." He said.

"What's up with you. You don't look like your in the mood."

"I'm not." He said. "Today is just not my day. Mr Henderson gonna try to kick me off the track team because I said I wanna see his ass run a mile jumping over hurtles and I hope his bust his ass."

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