Chapter 26

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Days later.

I wake up in the morning and yawned

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I wake up in the morning and yawned. I stretched my legs squeezing my ass cheeks together while my legs have a seizure. I get out of bed and went in the bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my face.

After I did my morning routine I picked up my phone looking at my phone seeing I had a text from Isaiah.

My lil thug 🥰

Let's match.


He sends me a picture of what he was wearing with was a blue champion shirt and blue jeans with the blue reptile low top 11's.

I nodded. I get dressed for today then gathered my stuff. I go downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed a Granola bar.

Corey walks in the kitchen. He looks me up and down. "Matching with your boyfriend."

"Stop spying on me."

"Hey your phone is connected to the computer I see your messages." He said. "When your going to tell Momma and Pops that you still dating Isaiah?"

"When your going to tell them you were kicked out your house in Cali and your sneaking a way to move back in?" I said.

"Don't try to blackmail me. I have recipes you don't." He said which was true. "You lie to them telling them you and Nova were going on the trip to Miami when you invited Isaiah and his friends."

"How did you even know? I blocked you and made them all block you and Momma and Daddy."

"Nova your not that smart. I knew you was up to something when you said other people were going and Momma asked you who you got stuck and didn't want to tell her." He said. "Go ahead tell them I was kicked out my house in California. Ion care if they do believe you or not."

I ate the rest of my Granola bar and threw the wrapper in the trash.

"Oh let's not get started on that tattoo. Might wanna cover it up." He said before walking out the kitchen going upstairs.

I scoffed hearing the horn outside. I go upstairs and gathered my stuff. I go outside to Norm waiting on me. I get in the car and leave.

"You good?" She asked.

"Brother just a fucking ass hole." I said shaking my head. "Always against me."

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