Chapter 35

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Days later.

After leaving the grave yard with everyone in tears

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After leaving the grave yard with everyone in tears. Nova and I and the others went back to my house. Everyone was quite nobody said anything.

Having Nova comforts me felt good and that's what I need ever since Robert died.

"Soo graduation is tomorrow." Nick said staring up a conversation.

"We know." Jay said. "You graduating?"

Nick holds a straight face. "Thanks to nova an Norm Hell yea I'm graduating." He said making us laugh.

"I swear Nick bring laughter at a good time." Zai said.

"I'm that nigga." He said.

"So everyone going they separate ways after graduation." Jay said.

"Yea." I said.

"I'm moving to Atlanta." Nick said.

"Why?" I asked.

"A nigga finna get signed fuck you mean." Nick said.

"On god!" Jay said standing up with me.

"Y'all thought a nigga wouldn't make it. I proved you bitches wrong." He said pressing his lips together rolling his eyes.

We jump on Nick roughing him up. "That Boy finna be a whole rapper out here." Jay said.

"Why you ain't tell nobody you was serious?" I said.

"Y'all was gonna laugh." He said.

"No man. Anyone can get famous nowadays. Why would we not believe you." I said. "Plus I thought you wanted to be a comedian?"

"I did but my jokes ain't all that funny." He said.

"You just play a lot." Jay said. "But forget that you finna be a rapper. A rapper bro!"

"Ok one you can get off me you gay fuck." He said. "Me and Norm going to Atlanta."

"Oh ok. Just leave us." Zai said.

"Nigga we all leaving." I said.

"Not us yet. Until she have the baby." Jay said.

"I forgot about that." I said.

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