Chapter 8

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"Why you messing with her bro?" Jay laughing as Nick was gonna touch Norm when she passes by.

"It's fun. Look at how aggravated she gets. Hell she let Nova touch her she don't get all cringing and shit."

"You must like her?" I asked.

"Nah. I fuck with ole girl." He said. "Plus she fuck with unseasoned. But look here they come."

Norm and Nova walk by. Nick grabbed Norm arm. "Girl look at these arms you eat a lot of chicken don't you?" Jay and I looked away holding our laugh.

She snatched her her arm pointing her finger at him while walking close to him. She gave him a evil look. "Keep touching me I'll make sure you won't touch nothing else."

"Is that a threat?" He asked.

"Matter of fact yes it is." She said.

"So when I call the police like I'm a white women don't lie. Don't lie ok. Because you on camera." He said.

She pressed her lips together. She knows she wanted to laugh but she didn't. "I can't stand you."

"Uhm. It's a whole lot of seats take one honey." He said. "Aww y'all matching how cute." He clapped his hands together lifting up his right leg.

Looking at Nova who hadn't said anything. She crossed her arms looking around waiting for Nick and Norm to stop arguing.

"You good?" I said making her look at me.

She nodded. "Why you don't talk? You act like your afraid to talk,"

"I'm not." She said.

Before I said anything Zoey pushes pass her. She stand on her tippy toes to give me a kiss. Once she realized I wasn't gonna give her a kissed she frowned.

"What?" She asked.

"Someone told me something." She said. She got off her tippy toes looking everywhere else but at me. I noticed that about her she would won't look at me when I caught her in a lie or anything.


"Don't worry but they said you and Yazzy. Basically you sucked his dick."

"Opp time to go." Norm grabbed Nova walking away. They didn't go to far well Norm. Nova went off to class.

She makes a face. "Who told you that dumb ass lie?" She asked still not looking at me.

"Look at me stop looking at everything else." I said. She looks me.

"Whoever told you that I need to know they name because they tryna start some shit." She said still not looking at me.

"You lying." Jay said.

"Shut up. Like you can really shut up." She said. She went in on Jay for no reason and getting mad. If it wasn't true she wouldn't be stressing it but she is.

"Ight look. You spazzing for no reason." I shake my head.

"Exactly she lying." Jay said.

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