Chapter 12

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The next day.

"Nigga what?" I pushed Nick back.

"Who you texting?" He asked.

"Someone." I said.

"Someone got you smiling." He said. "Who?"

"Nobody." I said.

"It's somebody nigga." He said. I gave him a look making him look forward.

It went silent for a minute. "Who?" He asked.

"Imma push you out in the road and watch you get hit by a car then imma stand over you and chuckle then call the ambulance and go on with my day." I said making Jay laugh.

"That's how y'all feel? You know what. One day y'all are going to appreciate me." He said.

"We appreciate you bruh calm down." I said.

"No no no. You guys always think I'm slow or I can't do certain things on my own. Even my momma think I need you two to help me with everything. I can do shit on my own." He said. Jay and I look at each other.

"Is he crying?" I mouthed. Jay shrugged.

"Look bruh we appreciate you. You not slow." Jay said.

"I meeeean."I shrugged. He looks at me. "Like your smart."

"I appreciate that man. I know I'm smart." He said. I nodded patting his shoulder as we enter the store.

My phone dings I take it out my pocket looking at it.



At the store. Why?

Just asking because I'm bored.

Come to the west. Nick and Jay here.

Meet you where?

At my house.


"Loving you it's easy cause your beautiful do do do do do do." Nick does a his pitch scream. "Whoa. King of the jungle."

"Nigga move." I playfully pushed him laughing. "Play too much."


Ducking to the ground along with Nick. Wondering if Jay was ok. We stayed down until the shooting stop. Stand up looking around for Jay.

"Jay!" I yelled his name.

"Over here." He said. He stood up. "You good?"

"Bruh we gotta go man."

Walking out the store the boys that were standing in line on the ground with their blood spreading becoming a pool of blood.

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