Chapter 21

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Spring Break.

"Miami here we come!" Nick stick half his body out the window

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"Miami here we come!" Nick stick half his body out the window.

"Watch his dumb fall." Jay said. Nick sit down and looks at Jay.

"Look bitch I'm not tryna have a bad vibe since we going to have fun." He looked at Jay.

"I'm tired of y'all already." Zai said.

"Agree." Norm said. I chuckled at Nick face and he looks at them crazy.

I look on my shoulder to Isaiah sleeping. "Damn you staring hard ain't you."

"What the hell?" I laughed waving my hand in his face. He open his eyes.

"I wasn't sleep." He said taking the headphone out his ears. "I need to stand up man." He stretch out his legs. 

"Hell yea my junior don't feel right." Nick said putting his hand in his pants.

"Ew." Norm said.

"Girl you know you wanna see my junior. That's ok I'll show you when we get to the hotel." He winks at her.

"Y'all weird as hell." Jay busted out laughing making us laugh. "Ugly ass lil boy."

We enter our hotel suite. Nick being the child he is he dropped all his stuff and ran through the room like a child. "OH MY GOD I LOVE IT!"

"Can't take him nowhere with his childish ass." Jay said.

This week we are staying in Miami. It's was supposed to be just me and Norm but I invited the others since we were going to be bored. My parents don't even know that they came.

We conversate on Who gets what room. Zai and Jay shared a room. Isaiah and I share a room leaving Norm and Nick.

"I'll sleep on the couch." She said.

"Girl stop playing come on." He picked her up making her catch a attitude. He was so unbothered by her he takes her to a the room.

"I love them." Zai said.

Isaiah and I walk in the room him and I will be sharing.

Being in the left in the hotel with Norm who was sleep I decided to get lit.

I send the video to Isaiah.


You look like a fucking bad ass
Kid. With that lil ass finger
You said 🖕🏾 🏃😂😂😂

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