Chapter 23

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"Hey look." Nick said. "Let me put you on. So you have toast eggs bacon and sausage."

"Nick I know. I can make it into a breakfast sandwich. Your not putting me on to nothing."

He sucked his teeth and pushed my head. "I thought I was the only one."

"No nigga." Isaiah said punching his arm making Nick flinch. "Don't push her like that."

"Damn my bad." He rubbed his arm.

"Aye What y'all wanna do today?" Zai asked.  

Before anyone said anything Isaiah busted out laughing. He threw his head back laughing. He gets out his seat runs off laughing.

"That man on drug." Jay chuckles shaking his head.

"I want to laugh to let me see." Nick asked him as he cans back laughing. He shows him what he was laughing. Nick busted out laughing too. He jumped up and down.

"What's so funny?" I asked laughing.

"That- That-that- Fuck it." Nick said wiping the slob dripping from him mouth.

"Ight now y'all doing the most what's so funny?" Norm asked. Nick stopped laughing and straight faces her then laughed again.

"Hell nah." Isaiah laid on the couch holding his stomach as he continued to laugh. "That's shit funny as hell."

"What?" I asked.

"That botch Zoey got exposed." He said.

"Damn." Jay said. "That's what y'all laughing at?"

"Man you gotta see the video." Isaiah got up and gave Jay his phone. Jay busted out laughing along with them.

"Ew. What a disgusting bitch." Zai said chuckling.

I turned my face up as Jay turned the phone around showing Norm and I. Zoey was surrounded by boys naked in the middle while they jack off on her face.

"I can't wait to go to school." Nick said. "Imma get her ass watch."

"Nick don't that." Zai said. "She already embarrassed enough."

"Nah Nah Nah. I remember the time she called me a special ed and tried to embarrass me."

"Damn sis probably crying now." Norm said.

"That's what she get." Isaiah  said. "Always want to start with folks so." He shrugged.

"We should go shopping." Zai.

"Nah ion wanna shop." Isaiah said.

"How about we go shopping then y'all do whatever." Norm said.

"Sure. But what exactly we gonna do?" Nick asked.

"Find something to do." She said.

"Ight how about we go to the beach." Jay said.

"Hell nah a nigga getting darker." Nick said. "Tryna keep this light-skin. That's how I get my hoes"

"Whatever. We will find something to do." Isaiah said.

"Welp we should get going to the mall." I said finishing up eating.

I get out my chair and went to the room and picked out something that I can wear in this hot weather.

After putting my hair up in a bun since I wasn't going to wear it down due to how hot it is outside.

I walked out the room and waited on Zai and Norm.

"Hmm. A body suit. That's new." Nick walked around me looking me up and down eating chips. "You look healthy. Just muscular. Look at them muscles girl." He squeeze my arm. "You buffer then me- I take that back no you not. Weak ahh lil girl."

"Nick shut the fuck up." Jay said. "Matter of fact go take yo damn meds nigga. Before I call Latoya and tell her you acting a damn fool."

"Call her nigga I don't care." He bucks at Jay. "Them pills be tryna hold a nigga back. It puts my personality in jail for 24 hours. It's just don't feel right. I have to be free. FREE WILLY!" He falls to his knee hugging on my legs.

"Nick you extra." I laughed pushing him away.

He stands up. "Watch this." He said.

Norm enters the kitchen. Nick put his shoulder back and walked towards her.

"You got crack?" He asked Norm.

"Crack? Bye."

"Don't be stingy now." He fake twitches making us laugh. He touch her bare arm making her looking at him in disgust.

She took out the hand sanitizer in his purse and rubbed it on her arm. "Man you still on the OCD shit?"

"I am." She said.

"Norm that's a problem. I mean it ain't nothing wrong with wanting to be clean but damn your have a case of hand sanitizer in you room. Who the fuck You know someone that has hand sanitizer in their locker, book bag and in there room on the wall." Jay said.

"I like to be very clean. It's refreshing and kills germs and I don't like germs and I also hate being sick."

"So that's why you always cover your nose anytime someone cough or sneeze."

"I surly damn do." She said. "Now we should get going. I have my spray for the Uber lord know who left there germs there."

"You be around her all day and she's like this." Nick said.

"She even comes to my house and spray everything before she touches it." I said.

"You need to take medicine like Nick." Jay said.

"I'm normal unlike Nick." She said.

"Don't fye." He straight face her.

"Anyways we should get going." I said as Zai enter the kitchen.

Before we left we called a Uber. When our u see arrived we went downstairs and left.

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