Chapter 27

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I quitely walked out the house to Jay and Nick on the porch

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I quitely walked out the house to Jay and Nick on the porch. I dapped them up. "Ready?" I asked. I watch them nod they head.

We get in my car leaving my house. I stopped by the store to holla at Mr Lee also stopping by Robert remembering.

After leaving the store. I drove all the way to the South side. Crackheads were out. "Ewwww that bitch look nasty. Need some wild growth."

"Nick shut up." I said.

"Ok." He said.

"Underground that's where we need to go." Jay said. I nodded.

"Underground? Is y'all niggas tryna die?" Nick said.

"Nick please just shut up." I said. "I know what I'm doing."

"Y'all can let me out right now." He said pulling on the door handle since I had the door locked.

I drove deeper into the south side. Seeing niggas on the street. That's exactly why niggas get killed everyday. Niggas be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

When I pulled up to Underground. We get out and sneak in to folks partying. Jay and I looked around while Nick danced with another girl.

"Imma tell Norm." Jay said.

"Tell on his ass." I said.

Jay nudged me and points to a dark hall. We pushed through the crowd and walked down the hall. We stopped at a door.

Before we even walk in I was put in a choke hold. I look at Jay seeing He was in a choke hold too.

We get dragged to the other side of the club making everyone look at us. One of the guys open the door and pushed us in the room. Yazzy looks up at us and laughs.

Jay and I look at each other. "Man don't tell me y'all on this side at this time of night?" He said.

"You killed my brother." I said.

"Me?" He said.

"Yea." I said. "I should've known. All this time You was in my face sending me threatens."

He sat back in his chair. "I'm not going say anything." He said. "You cool with that Cop at that store."

"What's that got to do with anything?" Jay said.

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