Chapter 4

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Man I ain't even do nothing to shorty

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Man I ain't even do nothing to shorty. Hell, she ran into me." Nick said.

"You know how she is though," I said.

"Man she really went to the bathroom to do whatever to get my hand germs off her? Who the fuck does shit like that?"

"Her obviously," Jay said.

"That girl," I said.

"Who?" Nick asked, looking around.

"Nah. That girl that sits beside me." I couldn't think of her name at all.

"Uh, Nova?" Nick said. "What about her?"

"Man she's smart as hell," I said.

"Well duh," Jay said. "Hell, you're lucky sitting next to her getting all the answers and shit."

"It ain't about that. She always looks sad."

"She has always been like that man. Sad, depressed and shit."  He said.

"About what?" I  asked. He shrugged.

"Ion know. Don't ask me." He said. "I do know she finna do my homework for English."

She's drowning no one sees her struggle.

Why is she so sad all the time? I never see her smile. Maybe it's just me and I'm stressing it too much.

"You good man?" Jay patted my shoulder.

"Yea I'm straight," I said as we started walking. A Lil shorty bumped into me. She snapped on me for no reason.

"Damn watch out." She mugged the shit out of me.

"Bitch you watch out. You bumped into me." I told her giving her the same look.

"Who you calling a bitch?" She asked.

"Obviously you witcho dumbass." I rolled my eyes looking down at this bitch.

"Ight don't make me get my boyfriend." She said. We sucked our teeth.

"Bitch fuck you and yo boyfriend," I said.

Yazzy walked behind her kissing her cheek. "Yaz this nigga got a problem." Yaz was a nigga from out South.  People feared him because he killed people in the past and got away with it. He ain't put fear in me not one time.

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