Chapter 29

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"Bro Kenzi

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"Bro Kenzi." I said. "Imma tell you. You getting to that age."

"If your going to tell me about a vagina I don't need to head it from you." She said making Nova laugh.

"No I'm finna tell you. The tooth fairy ain't real nor is Santa."

She stood up. "Yes He is. You finna make me curse you out." She said making us laugh.

"I'm just being honest. Momma be putting money under ya pillow-"

"Don't ruin her childhood." Nova said.

"Ight. You can get out now." He said.

She mugs him while mumbling. "That's why yo waves ain't even waves. Them ripples."

"Bit- See I almost called you something." I said. "You tryna bake with ya no edges ass. Girl you better get out."  She shot me a middle finger before mouthing 'Bitch' making Nova die of laughter.

"I just love y'all relationship together." She said.

"She do the most." I said.

"You do the most." She said. I look at her.

"Don't try to bake." I said.  She mocks me making me wrap my hand around her throat. "All you do is talk shit Nova. Imma really fuck yo ass up."

"You just be talking." She said.

"Ight. Who told you to come outside with these lil ass shorts on though? You must want a whooping?"

"Who daddy are you?" She said.

"Yours." I said laying between her legs. I propped myself up on my elbows staring down at her. I kissed her lips.

The kiss was slow and sloppy. She wrapped her legs around my waist. "You gotta go get ready." I said as she wrapped her arm around my neck pecking my lips multiple times.

"It's only 5 o'clock." I said. "I have time."

"Yea but everyone about to be booked since it's prom day. Come on man." I chuckle as she licks the side of my face. "That's nasty."

"Ok." She said.

"We going to meet at the top of the car Garage at 7." I told her.

"So I'm not going to see you for 14 hours?" She said.

"I know. You can always FaceTime me." I said.

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