Chapter 9

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Week later.

Looking in my closet to find something to put on. I decided I take Norm advice and where the stuff in my closet instead of sweaters. Today Norm wants to go to the mall. I picked out something that caught my eye and put it on.

I wet my hair and let it curl up

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I wet my hair and let it curl up. "Oh my god you can't believe what imma tell you." Norm walked in my room.

"Can't get a hey or how your doing?" I asked.

"I'm sorry. Hey Nova But I have to tell you something." She said.

"What?" I asked.

"Tyler invited me to the movies instead." She said.


"We going to the movies." She said.

"I don't wanna be the third wheel." I said.

"He is going to bring another friend for you he said." She told me.

"I thought it was just us." I said.

"Please I really like Tyler and-"

"Ok." I said making her smile.

After putting on my shoes. We get in her car to leave. On the way to the movies I was just thinking about how I'm going to be third wheeling.

When she pulled up at the movies it was already filled with people because it's Saturday.

We get out the car and go pay for our tickets to watch Captain Marvel. 

Norm spotted Tyler and walked to him cheesing like a dumb ass. I simply followed her.

"Damn you better be happy to see me." He said. "Sup Nova. Nova This my friend Bryan."

Bryan dressed nice. He looked nice too. He stick his hand out. I shook his hand.

"Aye Norm! Girl is that you!" We all knew who that was. Norm rolled her eyes.

"Nick is a dumb ass." Tyler said.

"Nova Girl is that you? Come here!" He waved me over how a child would.

I look at Norm she shrug. I walked to Nick,Jay,Isaiah and a little girl I saw before at the diner.

"First off what kind of hair is this because you need to put sista's on at school and who did your wig lord can't even see the lace." He touches my hair.

"My real hair." I simply told him.

"You mixed?"

"With black and black." I said. I always got the question if I was mixed. It kinda annoys me. Why can't I just be black with good grain of hair?

"I thought mixed people-"

"No nigga not all mixed people have- Nigga ion know why I'm having this conversation with you. Just pure dumb." Jay said.

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