Chapter 6

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You know what bro fuck you, man." Jay and Nick cracked up laughing. I shake my head at these niggas. They disability check retarded.

"Man that nigger started to run. So you know what I did man. I took my rifle and chased that bigger and shot him till he stopped running. The nigger kept going like he didn't I didn't put five bullets in his ass man." Nick pulled up his pants high enough to be Steve Urkel.

"Ight man I'm done," Jay said, shaking his head laughing. "You won that."

"I'm hungry," I said, picking up my phone checking if I had messages or any missed calls.

"Tryna go to the diner?" Nicked asked.

"Might as well. Kinda have a taste for some baked macaroni." I said.

"Damn that's just made my mouth water. Nigga, I'm hungry than a bitch lets go." Jay stood up.

I grabbed my keys. We walked out of the house getting in my car.

Driving into town where a mixture of everyone is. Parking in front of my favorite restaurant. Millers.

Millers have always been my favorite. After parking, we get out of the car going inside.

We walked to the cashier waiting on the employee to notice us.

"Nova your turn to take orders.." A lil light skin shorty said. She looks at me then smile.

"Hey." She said.


"Sup I'm Nick." Nick reaches across the counter. She mugged him and kept walking.

"It's ok dude." I patted his shoulder. Nova short figures came into our site.

"Hi." She said. "How can I help you?"

"Ok let me get aaaaa. Give me a minute." Nick said. Jay and I were normal and we gave her our orders until Nick finally ordered.

"Fucking slow," Jay said.

"Oh tell yo friend Normal I said she can stop acting like I have some type of sickness like she is so super clean."

The vibe Nova gave us you could tell she wasn't in the mood to laugh or play but eventually she did. "Ok." She said before walking away.

Light skin shorty came back. She stands in front of me. "I'm Jasmine and what's your name?" She asked.

"Kilo," I told her.

"That's your nickname I'm assuming." She said.

"Yea," I told her.

She nodded. "You're cute."

"Cute is for puppy's," I told her.

"Maybe you're cute as a puppy." She said.

"You tryna call my boy a dog or something." Nick jumped in. I shake my head hanging my head down chuckling at his comment.

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