Chapter 15

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Days later.

"Nova you good?" Norm asked sitting next to me at lunch

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"Nova you good?" Norm asked sitting next to me at lunch. I tapped my foot glancing at her before nodding.

"Yea." I said.

"What happened, you weren't texting me this morning?" She said.

I shake my head. "I wasn't able to." I said.

"You're wearing black something is wrong, tell me." She said. Wearing black was a sign something was wrong with me.

"My brother Corey, he is coming back." I told her.

"That's good. Why are you upset?" She said.

"I don't like him." I told her, making her frown. "He likes to be the center of attention. Anytime he's around he loves to be the center of attention and always trying to be against me."

"Just y'all to your parents about it."

"I did before. Then when it continued I fell into depression and started having anxiety attacks. That caught their attention then they sent me off to therapy during the summer in Ohio." I told her.

"I say you just stay out his way and ignore the fact he's there. He noticed that you're not even trying to start with him."

I nodded. "Sup. You're mean mugging ass boyfriend wants you." Nick said tapping me.

"Wait one minute." Norm said.

"Ok." He said going on his phone. "One minute remaining." He shows us the time he set. "You know what y'all look like y'all need about five." He walks away.

Before I even said anything to Norm Jaylen walked by. "Fucking weirdo." She said.

"What?" Norm said, facing her.

"Fucking weirdo. Do I need to say it loud enough?"

"You all talk ever since Nova knocked your ass out. This time you ain't fighting her you fight me." Norm tilted her head.

"Ok we can go right now." She walked closer to Norm. Norm got out of her seat getting in her face and they went back and forth.

"Bitch your a while walking STD. You and Yazzy no wonder you and him are still together. Just fucking nasty. Both y'all itch and burning together. You nasty fuck. Bitch how dare you try to come for someone and you buring. Dirty ass." Norm said having the whole cafeteria jumping and dying of laughter.

Seeing Yazzy on the corner of my walking towards them. "Imma fuck You up. Last time I told you too shut the fuck up you steady tryna pick a fight with my girl. I know where you stay Imma pay you a visit." He said, pushing her, making everyone get quiet. "And it goes for everyone who wanna joke around."

"Ion give a fuck who you are and what you do but you not finna sit here and touch her. Yo dirty ass." Nick said, coming out of nowhere and pushing Yazzy. Isaiah and Jay were right behind Nick.

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