Chapter 1

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The bell ring loudly letting everyone know it was time for fifth period

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The bell ring loudly letting everyone know it was time for fifth period. Lucky I was the first one in my class just because I didn't want to get caught up in the hall way.

The classroom started filling up with other student. "Man you already know what's up." A boy said. The boy who was known everywhere. Seen everywhere. His name is Isaiah but everyone seems to call him Kilo.

He scanned the room. "Damn just take my seat Natalie." His deep voice was so deep when he whispered you still could hear him.

He spotted the seat next to me and sat in it. "Sup." He said.

He was from the West side of Chicago. While I lived in the North where people say that's where rich people live.

"Hi." I said it so low Ion think he even heard me. The school I attended if filled with mostly black peoples and gangster and gang bangers.

We walk through medal detectors everyday. Someone people still mange to sneak weapons in and it's crazy.

Our school is known for the most violent school. This school was just a big mix of North, East, South, West which is bad.

There will be a shooting on Monday. By Friday it's a major brawl. My parents don't like me at this school but it's the only school that's close to us and I have to get an education.

"Ight. So. Today we talking about World war 1. Can someone at least give me some facts." Mr Haynes. Asked looking around the class. "Ight now I'm calling on people. Zane." I hated when he makes us go over 8th Social Studies. Everyone act like they so dumb and lazy to look at the notes.

"Ion know." He said.

"It's a shame your a senior and haven't learned this." He said. "Natalie."

"They fought." She said rolling her neck rolling her eye.

"Who fought who?" He called on people they gave him answers that didn't make sense or wrong answers.

"So don't y'all don't know. Ight lets take it back to fifth grade." He said making the class groan. "Ion wanna hear it. Y'all don't know so obviously let's go back to 5th grade social studies. Unless someone can tell me something. Nova?" He looks at me. All eyes was on me. He called me on purpose. He knew I would know some answers.

"Great Britain, Russia, United States, Germany. They were allies. The Germans sank the British ships with Americana on the ship. United States got mad because those were our people Germany killed." I said stopping there. He nodded.

"Yes. What else?" He said.

I sighed and continued. "Then that's caused world war 1. A bug. Boll Weevil. Got into a cotton before it bloomed I guess. Caused the cotton to go bad and die or whatever. Then The Great Depression." I said.

"Oh ok gone head with ya bad self." Someone in the back comments making the class fill with chuckles and laughs.

"Ok." He said. "So this assignment is due by the end of the class tomorrow. You can work in partners or group or by yourself whatever. But if it gets to loud we working individual." He said putting his dreads in a ponytail.

He passed out the assignment. The assignment was to imagine being in The Great Depression or world war 1 and write a story. 10 paragraphs.

I took out some paper heading my paper. A couple people walked up in front of me. "Aye you know this?"

I nodded. This is one thing I hated. Not to pat my own back or anything but people use me to get answers because I actually sit and pay attention in class. And I give them the answers. Sometimes I end up doing their whole assignment just to be liked by these people. Sometimes I even get paid.

"You can help me. Just tell me what I need to write down or you can do it and I'll pay you." He said.

"I'll do it." I said. He leave his paper in front of me walking away.

"Mine too?" A girl I didn't even like asked.

"Yea." She leave her paper in front of me walking away.

I get started on my assignment started from when The Great Depression started. As I write on the corner of my eye I see Isaiah watching my hand move as I write.

He gets up from his seat walking to the other side of the room.

After History class it was lunch. I sat at the table with my only friend. "You know what I hate these people." Norm eyed people as they walked by.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because this is school not the hood park. This so is filled with a bunch of hoodlins." She said.

"Well Norm. They can't help it. I guess." I said.

"Yes they can. They just don't have any home training." She said.

Isaiah walked in the lunch room. Everyone thought of him as a gangbanger also. He always had this mean look on his face and never smile. He was always so serious.

I watch him shake hands with his friends and share a hug patting each other on the back. His girlfriend Zoey wrapped her arms around him as she sit in his lap. He kept that straight face.

"Sometimes I wonder if guys ever go for girls that's innocent ya know. Smart, intelligent, and girls that's respect themselves." I said playing with my fingers.

"You know how boys are in 2019. They want these girls that have big booty and boobs. That's what they worried about." She said. "They like the pretty light skin girls. Then you have the guys that downgrade dark skins girls."

"Yea." I said agreeing with her. I've seen guys talk bad about dark skin girls and uplift light skin girls. Personally to me at the end of the end we're all black. Al black girls need to be uplifted no matter what skin color we are.

Norm continue to eye people with disgust making me laugh. "Ugh. Filled with filthy people." She said as I laughed at her.


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