Chapter 22

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The next day

I stood between Nova legs showing her tattoo ideas

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I stood between Nova legs showing her tattoo ideas. "Ok first how bad is it gonna hurts?"

I shrugged. "Depends on where you get it." I said leaning on her thighs. "You tied this hella tight." I take off my durag. "Big strong hand head ass."

"I still have your pink camouflage one." She said.

"I know you do." I said. "I want my shit back."

"Good Morning." Nick walks in. "Norm is a bitch man."

"Don't talk about her while she sleep." Nova said.

"No I'm like dead ass serious ion care. Yea I be playing with her and shit but she pissed me off last night." Nick said with all seriousness.

"We only been her for a day and you already mad man come on." I said.

"Whatever fuck her." He said.

"What She do?" I asked.

"Man you know I like her and all she was like I'm still with Unseason and shit. I was like you still fucking with that nigga after what he did and said to you. Y'all might not know but I know what the fuck he be saying to her."

"Like what?" Nova asked.

"Like when he get mad at her in the hallways at school he be calling a black bitch calling her a nigger and shit. Nigga I went through her phone while she was in the shower he dogging her ass he just want pussy." He said. "She gets mad when I brought it up told me I need to worry about myself and leave her alone because she don't want me nor she wants to be bothered by. Little do shorty know imma still fuck with her."

"I'm going to go talk to her." Nova hops off the counter  going to talk to her.

"Damn for real?" I said.

"Yea. When I see unseason imma fuck dude up I'm dead serious. No goofy shit."

You could tell when Nick got serious. Yea we know Nick got special problems but when that nigga get mad you can't tell him shit.

Nick is a wild fighter. But ion think Nick would fight Tyler that's too easy for him. Yea Nick play too much but don't ever have beef with that nigga because he can smile and be nice to you for a minute then he get you set up. 7 times out of 10 you probably would die fucking around with Nick.

I just realized Jay,Nick,and I have our own way fucking up people. Nick the type of Nigga that would set you up and be sneaky with it. Jay the type of nigga when he say on sight it's on sight. I'm the type of nigga that won't stop fight until you leaking blood. Basically we all some violent ass niggas.

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