Chapter 30

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"Period my bestie won and deserve!" I heard Norm telling from the stage

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"Period my bestie won and deserve!" I heard Norm telling from the stage. "Yes ma'am she stepped!"

"Girl shut up. You the loudest one."

"And you the contagious one do touch us keep your germs in your bubble." Nick said.

Isaiah grabbed my hand and we walked off the stage. "King and queen." He said kissing my hand.

"It's 10:30." He reminds me.

"Ok what that's supposed to mean?" I said.

"Prom ends at 11." He said.

"Ok." I said knowing what he was trying to say. "Ion know why your watching the time."

"Because we getting busy after we leave." I said.

"Ok." I said playfully rolling my eyes.

"Ight. Keep thinking I won't bend your back after we leave." He said.

The whole time we were there we danced talked and had fun. Nick made the whole thing fun. The whole night I got complements. Prom was actually fun and I glad I came.

But our night came to end and some people went to eat or go home.

While in the car with Isaiah. He drove To Lake View. He drove to this nice hotel. "You must thought I was playing."

I shrugged my shoulder not knowing what to say since he was serious. We get out the car. We go inside and get a room.

When we get to our room I became extremely nervous. I was shaking in my boots. As soon as he closed the door and grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bed room.

He stand behind me kissing my neck. "Loosen up." He massage my shoulders. I felt the zipper on the back of my dress unzip.

The straps fall off my shoulders while the dress falls to the floor revealing my boobs since with this dress you didn't need to wear a bra.

He walks around me and stood in front of me. He takes off his jacket and shirt. I picks me up and lays me on the bed.

When I tell you my heart started beating so hard and fast I thought he probably would hear it. He kissed from my lips down to my pantie line. He pull them of. He took a condom from his pocket and took off his pants and underwear and puts it on.

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