42) Living High School to The Fullest

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Title: Living high school to the fullest

Author: SkyDancer

Category: Humor

Rating: PG-13

Description: Sarah's senior year is coming up - and she decided to make the most of it. She is a girl on a mission: living high school to the fullest.

Together with her best friend Emma she writes a bucket list for her last year in high school. Sarah is determined to experience everything she has missed out on so far, like “Have a food fight,“ “Get detention“, “Be the hot topic of the rumor mill”, “Crash a party” and many more.

But little did she realize how her mission affects others as well. Will she be able to fulfill every task on her list? And is she really ready for new experiences, new friends and maybe even a new love…?

Review: Hey guys, guysssss look at thissss look look!!! This is one awesome novel coming your way!!

It's categorised as humor and it sure as hell fulfills its category!! Just like some books here on wattpad this is one of the few novels that are actually funny!! The amount of humor in it is stunning!!

The plot was freaking awesome. I'll tell you a bit about the story so you could know what the heck I'm on about. The story starts with an inspiring speech Sarah's mother gives her xD OH MY GOD HER TALKS ARE AMAZING!! I mean the talks her mom gives are one of the most hilarious things I've ever heard about!! In my entire life.Not fucking kidding!! :P

I have to warn you though and keeP it in your freaking mind... THE BOOK WILL GET YOU IN TROUBLE IF YOU'RE READING IT IN CLASS!! I repeat, do not read it in class because it will keep making you laugh!!

Moving on... after the talk with her mom, Sarah proceeds to write a bucket list with her best friend. It had 24 things on it. They wrote things like food fights in school, kissing the hottest quarterback, playing pranks, Halloween, dancing in the cafeteria etc... .

My favourite one was when they kissed the quarterback in front of his girlfriend :') That was the most hilarious moment I've ever witnessed xD

Now with all the things written in her bucket list does she really have time to fall in love? Does she want to fall in love? Will it be Josh or Aaron? Ohhh maybe it will be Bryan!! Who knows right?

Wrong ;) I know who she really ends up with but I am not telling you ;) *Evil laugh*

Maybe she doesn't end up with anyone ;) You'll have to read to find out guys, sorry not sorry cx

As for the characters, well let's just say they were all great. Like really realle really great. Every single one of them.

To me, this story was so awesome, it was addictive, it keeps you hooked.

It really is one of a kind, I was so happy I found it and read it because I can say that this novel is officially one of the best stories I've ever read in my entire life.

And I know that everybody loves a good laugh every once in a while if not every day so I suggest you read this book because it will definitely make your day brighter I can assure you. :)

Trust me when I say this... I stayed awake on a school night until 4 in the morning just so I could finish it. It was THAT good and addictive.

Okay I think I talked a little too much about this book so I'll shut my trap now and leave you alone you awesome readers cx But before I go I have to say one more thing.

If I ever were asked to rate this novel I would rate it 10000 over 10. Because it's really a genius book so GO ADD THE BOOK TO YOUR LIBRARY AND READ IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Alright that's my cue to leave.

Until the next update, have a nice day/night,


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