17) The Last Virgin Standing

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Title: The last virgin standing

Author: laughterandjynx

Category: Humor

Rating: PG-13

Description: Charlotte Summers is the last virgin in her school; a school where taking virginity is a sport. The sport has five main contenders: Tyler Bradshaw, the mysterious bad boy; Alec Jennings, the all-star athlete; Ian Jameson, the cocky rich guy; Beckett Cartwright, the renowned genius; and Lucas Chandler, her best friend. With all these guys determined to win the title of the Virginator, will Charlotte make it out alive with her virginity?

Review: Charlotte's behavior was so annoying in this story. For being a virgin she sure acts like one of the players in this game of theirs. Ian is bloody hilarious let me tell you xD His arguments with Charlotte were so funny which kept me going, but, he still wasn't my number one winner. As for Alec? He's a sweetie I really liked him, I mean throughout the whole book he was one of my favourites :) Beckett wasn't really an option from the start of this book. Lucas was so sweet too and funny and lovable and forgiving I really liked him. And then their's Tyler. You already know by now how much I LOVE bad boy books so can you guess who I shipped her with? Exactly, none other than Tyler. He's the bae. If Tyler wasn't in the story I would have shipped her with Lucas in the first place. But he was!! Anyway, the last few chapters broke my heart I didn't expect that to happen. I was floored and I felt so so so sorry :( But overall I loved the book and I highly recommend it :)



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