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31) Skittles & Science

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Title: Skittles & Science

Author: EternalZephyr

Category: Humor

Rating: PG-13

Description: When Reyna Winters finds out that she's failing Chemistry, she's given one last chance. She enlists help from the school's White Coat Freak, Wesley Black. The boy who goes all over school in a white lab coat. He is a snarky, anti-social, chemistry nerd who surprisingly has a soft side. Much more lies under Wesley's solitary persona that Reyna can't help but wonder about. While Wesley teaches Reyna about chemistry, she learns more about him and her feelings.

There's more to Chemistry than just chemicals. There's love, science, and Skittles.

Review: Look at this!! You can combine science with skittles. Perfect idea dear author I love the title of the story just as much as I love the whole story in itself. :)

Well guys, this story started out to be a cliche when she was forced to find a tutor, or rather assigned a tutor by the teacher's choice. But everything changes when the tutor is refusing to help her. What can she do? Well, she kind of staged a sit in front of his door. Kind of. :P

 As for the characters, Wesley Black is so cute!!! He even used science to flirt, I mean I think he was offended when she told him something, and the prank he played on her? That was so funny xD He's a freakish science addict too but he's one awesome science addict :P

I find it so thoughtful what he did even though he broke his heart in the process, but I find it stupid too.

Reyna though, is so how to say it... well, let's settle on crazy. And you can tell how she felt about him from a thousand miles. 

The end of the book was perfect I loved it and loved every single sentence in it :)

Okay that's it I'll shut up now, READ THE BOOK GUYS IT'S AN AWESOME BOOK I PROMISE.


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