47) Project Fat Suit

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Title: Project fat suit

Author: not_present

Category: Humor

Rating: PG-13

Description: Serena Davidson leads two lives. At school, she's a morbidly obese, stupid, nerdy, bitchy, slutty, and a teacher's pet. But at home she's the scrawny vegetarian pushover. What would possess someone to wear a fat suit every day? And what happens when someone finds out?


As I said before there will be some exceptions on here, and this is one of them because this is the most amazing and most beautiful story I have ever read!! Well not ever but you know what I mean.

The storyline is amazing you guys, I don't know if there are any of my readers who haven't read this story yet. If there is, then I suggest you stop everything you're doing and go read this story because it tryly is one of a kind!!

Let me give you an idea about the characters yeah??

Serena is one hilarious human being. Well as human as she can get since she's a fictional character but whatever I loved her to bits. xD

She is so funny, her sarcastic answers made me laugh my ass off all night, I was afraid I would wake my parents and siblings up!! xD She has a way with words that leaves me speechless let me tell you!! I actually found myself saying 'oh that is so me' and 'I would definitely say that', and I am pretty sure every single one of you would relate to her and love her character because the way she speaks is awesome. Phenomenal!! I kept laughing every two seconds while reading this book.

Then there's Holly. Holly seems suspicious. I don't know why but I didn't like her even though she was sweet and all. I mean she did sweet things and her personality was great but I don't know, at first there was something fishy about her. But you'll learn to love her. The question is: does she really want to be friends with Serena without some ulterior motive? Maybe.

Maybe not. ;)

Ur- I mean Trent is as funny as Serena if not more!! He's an awesome character I fell in love with him because of his comebacks and his rude comments :P His name is hilarious I spent like fifteen minutes straight of my life laughing. I'll give you a hint. Not!! Sorry guys but where's the fun in it if I give you a hint and you figure it out huh? Exactly, no fun.

Benny is one hilarious gramps!! He cannot hear and when he hears he gets it wrong!! Like one time he heard 'fashion, gramps' as 'dashing cramps' which was hilarious!! I couldn't even write a decent comment because I was laughing so hard, I had tears in my eyes. xD

Liam is a bitch, man xP I liked him though!! I don't even know how he did it. I can't describe my feelings towards him :P I mean at first he was a jerk, then he was so cute and funny and sweet and all I wanted was for her to be with him. But the thing is... He seemed suspicious. Like one moment he's an asshole, the second he wants to take her on a date. One moment he wants to hang out with her and then he just ignores her for weeks.

But the thing is, I liked him, loved him even. But is he really trustworthy? Is he sick? Is something wrong with him? Is he hiding something? Can she really trust him with her secret?

I don't know, you'll have to read it to find out :)

As for Sam, well he is a cute little kid, I loved everything about him!! he was sooo adorable!! I wanted him as my brother because he's just too damn cute. All I wanted to do was just pinch his cheeks and make him talk all day!! And the she-witch thing was funny too :p

Ur-Trent's grandma is just as awesome as the other characters!! She is a freaking genius!!

As for thomas, Amy and all the other kids? Well let's just say they were all hilarious and cute in their own way. :)

What can I say more about this story??? I just can't seem to find the right words!! I loved everything about it!! Literally everything. There was not one thing that I didn't like!! It was cute and funny and amazing and in general a really really good story. In one word: MASTERPIECE

And one more thing!! The "Your face" retorts and comebacks never gets too old xD Everytime Serena said 'your face', I found myself either smiling and shaking my head in amusement or laughing and chuckling to myself. Needless to say, this story made every single one of my family members, including my aunts and grandparents, to think I was going out of my mind and that I need help. Serious help. xD

Hands down dear author, you are officially the most hilarious writer I have ever met. Well not met but you know. :P

Okay I think I talked a little too much about this and if I don't stop like, right now, I would tell you everything and spoil it for you guys so I'll shut my mouth now and leave you alone so you could read in peace xD


Okay have a nice day/night lovelies,


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