60) Stupid Cupid

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Title: Stupid Cupid

Author: closet_anarchist

Category: Humor

Rating: PG-13

Description: Reed Hadley would gladly spend her day holed up in her room with her dog, watching horror movies or surfing the internet on her trusty laptop. Too bad she is the daughter of one of the biggest matchmakers in the business.

As soon as Reed started to develop into what scientist dubbed an adolescent, her mom has been sitting her up on dates, which seem to go wrong every time. Reed is done with these dates, and she realizes that the only way to get her mom off her back is to find a boyfriend. When Reed is partnered with bad boy Parker Hunt on a school project, they can't stand each other. However, Reed and Parker quickly realize they need each other; Reed needs Parker so that her mom will stop with the blind dates, and Parker needs Reed so his jealous ex-girlfriend will leave him alone.

So, this odd pair strikes up a deal. For appearances' sake, they're an item. Behind closed doors, they may fight like children, but Reed and Parker have managed to fool the people they need to.

However, can a fake relationship stay fake forever?

Review: Well hello guys, this is a story I would like to suggest, for you to read. As I've stated in my last review, this will be a list of the things I loved the most in the story, so I hope you like this way. Anyways let's start with the review shall we?

1- Reed: Reed is just one of the most hilarious characters I have ever read about. She is so funny, I loved everything about her. She's the first female protagonist who doesn't take shit from nobody. She can actually defend herself ,and this is the first book in which the female leader is confident and has a backbone, so trust me when I say I was really surprised when it came to her personality. I dare you to find me a book, here on wattpad, in which the main character isn't some pushover, submissive girl. Anyways, enough about that, there's this thing about Reed that makes you want to hug her you know? Not because she's adorable or anything, it's totally a different reason. It's because her answers are life. I'm telling you, every single retort that came out of her mouth, is jotted down in my notebook of amazing retorts. The way she acts is priceless guys let me tell you. She has a way with words that will make you fall off your bed/chairs and roll on the floor laughing. The "be my lesbian baby mama" part though, was my favorite. :') 

2- Parker Hunt: Oh my God, this man over here is the epitome of cuteness!! I'm so sad though *frowns*. Why can't I get a guy like him why?????? He's ,like, my what? Twentieth wattpad crush? xD I guess so. I mean come on people, boys these days should learn from him what gentleman means and how to be one you know? In this story, Parker is just so nice it's not even funny. The fact that he didn't move a muscle when Reed was s- ouch, I think the author just slapped me for trying to ruin it for you guys. xD Back to this fine man, he is just as funny as Reed. He must be the nicest of people really. I don't find him in any of the chapters mean or anything. In fact, he was always nice, adorable and sweet. When he gets jealous is another story. He'll make you awe at least ten times in just one minute. I just love him. 

3- Thomas: Thomas here, is the most cutest, adorable, amusing kid to ever exist!!! I love love looove him to death. He's just so cute that I want to hug him and kiss him (Not in that way you perverts :p) and pinch his cheeks all day long. I can't even describe my love for him. When he asked this girl to dance I was like :"jhagdfJjhsrghjfg". I couldn't even write well because I wanted to grab him and ruffle his hair and aww all along. :p 

4- Reed's mother: What a weird lady indeed. I mean who the hell sets their daughter of 12 on dates just because she wants her to have a boyfriend? What the fuck is wrong with her? xD I didn't like her. She's judgemental, and treats Parker as if he's trash and not worthy of her. I mean damn it woman just because he has a motorcycle doesn't mean he's trash you know? He's so much better than you. 

5- Maya and Zephyr: Maya here is a bitch. She's also judgemental, she gets angry easily, she doesn't want Reed to talk to her other friend just because she doesn't get along with her. And guess what?? She's a back-stabbing bitch!!! What the hell is wrong with her? She wouldn't even let Reed explain her situation, she just jumps to conclusions. And THAT IS NOT OKAY. As for Zephyr? Well let's just say she's a crazy young lady alright? cx

6- Storyline: Okay guys, I have no idea about you, but I found this book's plot awesome. I found it realistic to be honest. Sure, moms like Reed's mom don't really exist, and I doubt there's a guy like Parker out there in the real world, but other than that the story is actually logical. KeeP in mind that this is a short story lovelies, so yeah it is kind of rushed. I wish the author made it a little bit more detailed so that their story doesn't end fast but I loved it nonetheless. So do not even try to change my mind because you'll lose and I'll probably end up changing your mind. Anyways, just a piece of advice for you... Do not, under any circumstances, drink anything while reading this story. Trust me when I say you'll end up dead. xD It's just so funny. My favourite scene in the book was when their teacher asked: "What comes with children?" And someone from Reed's classmates said MILFS. Do you know what the teacher answered?? That teacher, Mrs Matthews I think her name was, can slay let me tell you. Her answer was awesome xD

Do you want to know what her response was? Well then what are you waiting for?? Go add the book to your library and read it. I promise you'll not regret it. It's so worth your time. Cross my heart and hope to die!!

Oh my gosh, I talked too much didn't I? It's 1153 word so I think I talked too much and need to shut my trap and finally let you read the story and make your own decision about it :) 

Don't forget to vote and share your opinion with me!!

Love ya all,


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