1) 99% Irresistible

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Title: 99% irresistible

Author: mendlering

Category: Mystery/Thriller

Rating: PG

Description: It's been said that there exists a very fine line between love and hate, but what happens when you find yourself waking up one morning next to the person you hate the most?

It's 0% love, and 100% So-Screwed, that's for sure.

At least that's what Clover Tulden believes, when she wakes up with absolutely no memory of the previous night, tell-tale signs of love-bites all over her neck, and the horrifying discovery that she's just had a one-night-stand with her long time arch-nemesis: Jordan Carter.

Until faint bits of what happened the previous night starts to surface in Jordan's mind, which sparks a suspicion that someone probably set them up. But who? And why?

The line that seperates love and hate can get easily blurred, so exactly how easy is it to fall in love with the person you hate when the both of you are working towards a common goal to find the culprit?

Pretty easy, actually. Especially since it's merely a 1% I-Hate-Your-Guts, and 99% I-Think-You're-Pretty-Darn-Irresistible.

Review: I feel like I haven't talked about this story enough guys, and what I said... I felt like it didn't do the story it's justice. So I'll add a few things here since I've read the story enough times to know every single scene by heart. xD

This story is really HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Basically, I freaking love this story to bits!!!

The plot is so so so AMAZING. It's totally different from other stories and the events unfold gradually and slowly, yet fast enough to keep you interested.

You actually find yourselves thinking and trying to figure it out on your own. It really really captivates you.

The whole story in itself is so interesting, that I actually found myself staying up all night to find out who the real culprit is and why they did what they did. I wanted to know who beat Jordan up. And why the hell would they beat him up.

I was so frustrated!! I wanted to know who did it but at the same time the suspense keeps you hooked and the mystery can really take its toll on the reader because with every new clue and hint they get, you get more and more curious as to whom would do such a thing to them!!

The characters are funny and I personally find them realistic. Because let's face it, they never got too cheesy or cliché. Well I think they didn't get too cliché I don't know about you though.

Clover is a genius and I laughed so hard when she forced Jordan to play with her- Oops, you'll have to read the story to find out what I'm talking about ;)

AND NO you dirty minded people it's not what you're thinking it's actually something so innocent and girlish ;) :P

Clo and Jordan's best friends were okay I guess but I never liked them to be honest and I guess after everything that's happened with Clo and Jordan, I think it was safe to say that some of them are really trust-worthy. NOT.

Not all of them guys, just some of them. They really really got on my nerves. Especially Mia after I found out what she's hiding.

Read the story guys it's so worth your time, there's hurt, betrayal, love, backstabbing, laughter, crying, suspense and ALOT more. It really is one of a kind. :) I LOVE IT.




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