62) Hit Me, Cupid

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Title: Hit me Cupid!

Author: NicAthena

Category: Romance

Rating: PG-13

Description: Who thought Cupid is clumsy? I do. He's the reason why lovers get hurt, why relationships don't work out. I never believed in a stupid diapered baby with chubby cheeks based on Greek and Roman mythology. . . until Cupid himself accidentally shoots the other arrow to me and to his own stupid heart -- sealing both our fates.

Review: Okay guys, just as I promised, this is another recommendation for you. Eight more books to go, and then I'll disappear for God knows when.

Anyways, let me start this review.

1) Plot: Have you ever heard of this book? If not then you're missing a lot people!!! What an amazing plot!! I loveeee the fact that this is about mythology. It's not cliche at all and it's riddled with different twists that I was not expecting at all!! The events unfold gradually, it was not rushed. I found myself enjoying every part of it. You may get a little bit confused but trust me, the fog will clear and you'll understand every single thing. I have no idea how the author came up with such an awesome idea, but chapeau bas, it was just amazing. I never got bored, I stayed up all night to finish the book, I laughed, I cried, I screamed, and most of all, I got sooo frustrated that I ripped my hair out. Anyways this story begins when Eros shoots himself and Cytherea without meaning to, and he seals their fates. Only in the book, he doesn't want her, in fact he loathes her for being mortal and for a different reason too, but I'm not telling you it. ;) What surprised me the most about this story is Cupid's behavior, which wasn't normal at all. I laughed so hard when he made Cytherea pre- *cough* nevermind :p

2) Cytherea: This girl is just too much!! She's a really nice girl. Everybody uses her and she just doesn't stand up for herself. I loved her though, I really did. Even though she was kind of a push over I liked her personality. She's a one in a million girl. She's sweet, loving, she likes to help everybody and even though every one hurts her, she forgives them you know? She's too sweet and caring for her own good.

3) Eros: Well Eros is a douchebag. You would think he's a sweet and romantic guy, but no!!! All you get from this story is an ungrateful little bitch who bitches about everything and everyone. I mean what a jerk!! Being mortal is not a horrible thing right guys?? I always had a question running through my head while reading the book that I would like to ask. "Dear Eros, what crawled up your ass and died you arrogant, bitter jerk?" Ugh, he makes me so angry guys let me tell you.

4) Ach: Well, all I'm going to say about Ach is that he's hiding a big big biiiig secret. I was so shocked when I read that part. Not only that, I was flabbergasted when I read the last few chapters too because I was not expecing what I read. I actually cried and I have no idea why. It wasn't like he was that great of a brother, but whatever don't judge me I liked him.

5) Death: Oh my fucking God!! This dude is so creepy. I was so scared for both Cytherea and Eros at the end. He appears at the most unexpected moments, and not only that, he claimed Cytherea's soul and she'll spend her time trying to figure out how to save herself. However, it never crossed my mind that he could be in love with Ps- OOPSY xD Sorry guys, no ruining the book for you right? Right xP

Okay, that's all for now, please guys, ADD the book to your library, READ it, VOTE, COMMENT, and don't forget to share your opinions with me :) I hope you guys love this novel just as much as I do!!

Love you all,

Mariana. :)

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